Pink Rose Heart Opening Visualization & Meditation

Drop the Geranium essential oil into the palm of your left hand, your receiving hand. Rub your hands together and deeply inhale the purifying aroma of divine love. Take a moment to fully allow and receive ALL of the aromatic molecules deeply into every strata and cell of your body, mind & spirit.

Place your left hand over your heart and then your right on top of it. Close your eyes and envision a beautiful pink rose in your heart chakra. This rose like us, has not quite opened to its full potential just yet. The vibration of pink is that of the ethers, And one of the highest frequencies of light. Pink represents our perfect femininity, our divine love, our power within each of us that connects us to our most sacred self. This pink flower in all its divine perfection represents, our power, our love, our light.

Inhale deeply, fully surrender all of your physical energy in this precious moment, and in your mind's eye, slowly unfold every delicate petal with grace, ease and love. Allowing all the many vibrations of the symphony of light that emanates from your heart chakra to expand outwards from this now fully expanded & illuminated bright pink rose! In this moment RECEIVE all of this light and love for yourself. Allowing the love and light to penetrate and revitalize every radiant cell in your body. Now Imagine ALL the millions of cells in your body growing one of these perfect pink roses, with the power of your love, your creativity, each rose now fully expands and unfolds to its maximum and highest potential!

Rejoice in your perfection, Revel in this moment of radiance, emanating your true luminosity. You are a million fully expanded pink roses and YOU carry the vibration of the highest frequency of light and are an angel in your true nature. Send all of this loving rose energy to all of your loved ones and ALL of humanity, expressing ALL of  your love, your joy, your light, your healing, and all the blessings within you, OUTWARD to the entire Universe!