10 chocolate scrubs for $150 (SAVE $70!)


10 chocolate scrubs for $150 (SAVE $70!)

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The ultimate splurge for yourself or as gifts for the favorites in your life. 




I just want to say I love your product. I tried it at the miliani fair and fell in LOVE. It made my hands softer than ever and I just felt amazing. It made me relax and restore my balance throughout the night. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know how much I loved your product and can not wait to purchase some for myself and my friends. - Caroline Greavu

I feel incredibly lucky to have gotten to try Zenziva scrub. It was on a yoga retreat on the beach in beautiful north shore Oahu. My skin has been very dry from a year in Iraq and nothing seems to help. The scrub had a wonderful texture and a chocolate smell in fact I even used it on my lips. I washed it off in the ocean to finish an incredible ceremony with very cool friends. My skin felt smooth and healed. I will use this product from now on. This scrub is going to make wonderful gifts. Thank you Andrea this product and your kindness will never be forgotten. - James Barr

The chocolate scrub ceremony that Andrea leads is amazing. Not only is it a time to give yourself a little extra love but to be in nature with an all natural product that was made with such a beautiful intention and purpose. Not to mention my skin was the softest it's been since leaving the womb! Thank you Andrea for the wonderful, meaningful and fun experience. - Megan Ernst

I swear every time I'm having a bad day or a bad moment where there's a lot of negativity coming at all angles I always think about our scrub session! It is literally my official happy place in my mind. I quickly shift to a memory zone of a beach, sunset, rainbows and scrubbing with a real life mermaid (you)! - Batool Mehdi