Chocolate Scrub Cleanse + Celebrate Event

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Photo Oct 31, 9 16 44 PM.jpg

Chocolate Scrub Cleanse + Celebrate Event

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Friday, Sep 29th- Maui, HI

Reconnect to the wisdom of your body + Ask your heart what is next

* Event location and details emailed to you upon completion of payment

Delve deeper into SELF-LOVE

ZENZIVA scrub designed to create a special place for you to connect with your true self, in celebration of your beautiful body.


The accoutrements:

  • Full Body Chocolate Scrub + mask on the beach
  • Complimentary take home Chocolate Scrub ($22 retail value)

Terms/ Disclaimer for the ZENZIVA SCRUB

DISCLAIMER: We reserve the right to re-schedule the scrub from 24 hours, till up to an hour before based on unfavorable weather conditions.

REFUND POLICY: 100% refund if scrub cannot be rescheduled and was not performed. Ideally the scrub WILL be performed on the day we planned, and or rescheduled if we have to postpone due to the weather. It is not often, it does however happen and we have to accommodate mother nature and her plans for everyone's safety.

PAYMENT: is due 7 days prior to the event.