PONDER the mirror of life…

An article by:

Andrea Berset



Did something super significant just happen in your life? Is your intuition gently nudging you to question that chance meeting with an interesting person, or that adventure to a far away land, and are you wondering why that same bird keeps flying over your head? These messages are in no way “random.” AT ALL, haha!

Its when we take the time to ask, reflect, ponder, and fully indulge in what the possible meaning or symbolism that an event could have, that the answer is revealed! Truly such a luxury to sit down, ask AND listen for this kind of a realization. Always remembering that it is IN THE ASKING that we are guided to our highest and best! Creating this kind of space is how we can fine tune the future script of what we prefer to experience.

I am personally fully realizing the value of taking time to REFLECT + RECAP after our latest ZENZIVA adventure to the Yucatan, where so much magic occurred.  Allowing time and space to completely actualize ALL that happened, is absolutely necessary!

The image above was snapped by yours truly, of a cenote called the Jade Caves on Cozumel Island. We were taken there by a local man we met, who whispered to us, “I will take you somewhere you will never forget”, and after checking in with intuition, we curiously followed.

These natural wonders that ancient Mayans made pilgrimages to, are revered as access to a secret subterranean world of groundwater pools. I.E. underwater caves that literally + metaphorically reflect the idea of understanding our own personal inner + outer worlds.

It was as if the caves were sending a message to ponder the mirror of life; what is happening internally and then being reflected in your outer world?

Traditionally, Mayans journeyed to these power spots to pay tribute, make offerings and perform ceremonies in these pristine, healing waters. Naturally, our first thought upon entering this gorgeous place was, “Let's scrub here!” The energy and mana (Hawaiian for power) was reverberating off the walls, our voices echoing loudly, as we were fortunate enough to be the only ones there.

I absolutely adore and basically LIVE FOR, the witnessing of virgin chocolate scrubbers and their reactions to ALL of the sensorial elements that go along with it.  His reaction was PRICELESS and one I will never forget.  These are the reasons I have such a deep desire to share our creations worldwide with everyone that crosses our path; to light up their skin, their glow, their smile! Like never before.

Indulging in a ZENZIVA scrub with our new friend in the Jade Caves was one of the highlights of the trip. His experience of showing us this secret world, allowed us the opportunity to add a new element, the chocolate scrub, and an epic glimpse into what Hawaii life is like for us. It was powerfully enlightening.

The life lesson I have realized after creating the potent time and opportunity to REFLECT + RECAP on this experience is simple, yet profound.

As human beings WE ALL have secret worlds within, to share. Each individual is filled with their own magic and mystery, illuminated especially when allowed the space to experience it!  A compelling piece of one man’s world opened up an opportunity for us to share a bit of ours. It is in the willingness to open up and be vulnerable, to allow yourself with discernment, to be magically led by a stranger in a foreign country, that your mind can expand in ways you have yet to conceive.