Let LIFE have you…

an article by:

Andrea Berset




What does this mean, to let life have you?

Currently my interpretation is to completely and totally accept yourSELF and your reality as it actually is. The word acceptance and the way that is feels is a full on energy shift in and of itself.

To accept anything or anyone is indeed multifaceted; 1- fully surrender to the way that it is, WITHOUT the idea of changing it or that it should be different in someway. 2- to then fully embrace it with love.

Such an incredible gift to have finally understood and to practice this way of being. I know that the majority of us have been conditioned to believe in all that we “should” achieve, that with hard work and persistence all of our dreams will come true. It's like chasing a carrot on the end of a string; the closer you get to it, the more it keeps moving.

What will happen if we cease to do, cease manifesting? Will life just stop?

What I know for sure is that you indeed can make ANYTHING happen with persistence and a go-getter attitude. The question is, Is that actually what I want?

Investigating the truth behind our motives is a luxury I suggest you afford yourself. Asking, WHY do I think I want this?

This has been happening in my reality, totally getting what I think I want and then when it arrives there are flaws in the design…I started to wonder what will happen if I stop manipulating my mind and thoughts and let life lead the way...

As human consciousness is rising we are no longer being held by the illusions of the material realm. We are more and more knowing the real truth about how reality is being created, a step beyond the law of attraction: What is the SUB-CONSCIOUS desire motivating what we think we want?

Firstly admitting the way that we FEEL about certain people, including ourselves, places and situations, will create the opportunity to accept it, NOW as they actually ARE. This then switches the energy of a very subtle resistance to one of RELIEF. Allowing for your body, mind and spirit to RELAX a bit more, and from this place, see a much clearer picture.

Laying down the ideas of the way “things should be” creates the shift to a much higher perspective. Surrendering + Accepting + Embracing = FREEDOM to shape shift your reality effortlessly, from the truth of who you are, instead of from the energetic standpoint of subtle “resistance.”

The universal human paradigm is fundamentally the definition of resistance.“What we’re held by, is that there is a way that IT should be, whatever IT IS, and it is NOT that way, and it's somebody's fault, usually my own.” -Pali Summerlin

I too had never accepted myself or my life as it actually is until just recently. Always masked by the idea of “creating what I prefer,” and “ I am a powerful manifestor and can make anything happen!” ALWAYS placing my energy in the “future” based on ideas of what my mind is quite convincing me to believe.

What will happen if I totally surrender and just let my life happen, without the need or desire to control “the way it turns out?”

Relaxing the mind and surrendering our free will to the all knowing divine will, creates a trust in life AS IT unfolds. Allowing life to arise in the moment, without the idea that it should be different in anyway, is a completely new and expanded way of MAKING LOVE WITH LIFE.