Walking into the newly opened Loma de Vida Spa was like an instant breath of fresh air. Resting amongst the gorgeous foothills of San Anton, the spa facilities proved to be above and beyond all expectations.

At Zenziva, we love to treat ourselves to “spa days” as sweet little gifts of pampering to our body, mind and souls. Retreating from the Texas heat while traveling + from the demands of our schedules, these moments in time are indeed where we “disconnect to reconnect.”

No better place than in the solarium of this beautifully designed spa, complete with a warm saline infinity pool, Himalayan salt saunas, Jacuzzi baths + the BEST herbal steam room we have EVER experienced.

When spa’s offer their guest’s “day passes,” DO indulge in a full day of rest and rejuvenation. Treating your body to the ever healing, hot + cold therapy and truly allowing your body to just gently roam around, sipping on tea, soaking in baths, and deeply inhaling herbal steam.

Zenziva’s perfectly packaged body polish is conveniently designed for travel + gifting. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting to bring one for your friends too!

While in the steam room, open your scrub package and indulge in a full body loving session from tip to toe. The luxurious gommage is easy to keep mostly on your body as the sugar melts on contact with your skin, making for the most silky and smooth “bring your own treatment” you could ever imagine.

Using this treatment to open up and detox the pores while in a solarium setting, tantalizes the senses, enhances deep relaxation, and elevates the revitalization vibes to magnanimous proportions. After you have fully allowed the chocolate to melt away all your worries, indulge in a thorough rinse in a cool shower.

Our number one recommendation for you, our lovely readers, and our personal favorite way to create experiential luxury, is with the Chocolate Scrub.

Zenziva recommends that you create this experience at home AND when you treat yourself and your loved ones to spa days. A memorable moment that will never be forgotten.