Be KIND to yourself…


written by— Andrea Berset

Ask the voice within you to be kind, so very kind to YOU! Practice this gentleness of the spirit in all regards to the way you treat yourself, the way you feel, the way you grow and the way you perceive yourself.

Honor all aspects of your journey that has lead you to right here, right now. Take a moment to love what you have been through, what you have accomplished, how long it has taken, how quickly time seems to go by.  Allowing yourself the space and time to learn the lessons as you practice deeply loving yourself.

Take notice as to how harsh we can be on ourselves--feeling like we must be or appear to be perfect. If the voice decides we are not, than oftentimes the internal dialog can be critical and judgmental. I first learned this from Don Miguel Ruiz in his book “The Mastery Of Love.” He speaks of the parasite within us that is this voice in our mind-- the judge, the critic that feeds off of our toxic emotions, perpetuating these negative feelings.

Oh my! How mean and demanding we can be of ourselves, and how toxic this energy is not only to our own personal mental state but to others around us. Recently, I have been super observant of when I am judging myself, feeling not good enough, or like I do not matter or even that I did something wrong.

I have begun to cultivate the practice of being incredibly loving and tender with the part of myself that feels this way in that moment--speaking softly and gently like I would with a small child--reassuring this part of myself that everything is going to be okay. Mothering the one who feels this way in this moment and being incredibly sweet and kind.

Being this gentle with yourself every day and in every moment is required to totally and completely love + accept yourself. To literally console, coddle, embrace and hold space for the part of you that is feeling less than perfect right now. Resisting, rejecting or arguing with this aspect of your personality will indeed only exasperate it.

How do you be more gentle on yourself?

Drop into the more tender, kind, and accepting part of your soul that knows that all is good. That knows no doubt, that silent all knowing presence that is watching all of this happen, unaffected and stoic in the confidence of life.

To lighten the load for yourself, it is necessary to embody this all knowing wisdom, love yourself so tenderly and unconditionally just like your parents love you. To be the nourishing mother holding you. This very vulnerable part of yourself is super receptive to your love, waiting to be held like a little child.

In these emotional moments, relax the body and ask your cells to fully rest. Feel your body soften and settle and your breath slow and deepen. Feel connected to the space around you--feeling at peace, at one, connected to the wisdom of the present moment.

This feeling of gentleness feels so wonderful, so light, and so nurturing. To be this kind to yourself is the most nourishing gift of all. To practice the art of gentleness first on yourself and then to others around you creates an epic opportunity to make love with your life.

What are ways that you practice loving kindness to yourself?