What do I want to EXPERIENCE?

Written by:

Andrea Berset


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Dropping into deeply loving our bodies with the chocolate scrub always creates a unique atmosphere where our minds are able to fully relax into just being and loving. Allowing the opportunity to ask, even probe our souls with more meaningful questions about life.

We are way more powerful than we realize. Our realities are literally shape shifting around us. Showing us what we believe whether conscious or unconscious, and based on what we say. The language we use changes what we experience. The movies that we watch, the books that we read, the people that we converse with...

Have you had these moments occur where you asked for something or just thought of something and then BOOM-- there it is?

Therefor being very conscious of the questions we ask ourselves is quintessential, as the answer is always arising whether we notice it or not. The conversation in your mind is always running, creating + emitting frequencies.

An interesting notion to ponder-- All you are ever experiencing is who you are BEING to yourself.

How do you treat yourself? Are you being understanding and deeply loving to your own person?

Are you treating her(him) with respect and unconditional love?

Cultivating this kind of subterranean connection with YOU is what true self love is. Like all relationships you must water it, nurture it, be there for it, ask it how it is feeling….

In this realm of true love with our soul self we can ask more quality questions than just let surface level thoughts, requests, needs, + wants run the show...

When maybe the question in every moment is what is life calling forth in me? What is my response to what is happening around me? Am I allowing the flow of life to change and continuously release? Am I letting everybody I love be who they are and loving them unconditionally for it? Am I embracing and accepting all of what is showing up in my experience?

Who am I being to myself? What am I emitting? What do I want to experience? What am I feeling right now?

Clarifying questions that snap you back into what your true nature, your soul self desires to experience!

A part of self inquiry and introspection is to look within and ponder the mirror of life, the reflection you are seeing. Existential inquiry of truth into what is real, what is true for me? A part of spirituality and the practice of it in the most beneficial sense is looking very deeply at our own nature, the nature of life and the nature of what we think of as others.

These questions have a different vibration, a different quality than-- how can I get what I want or avoid what I don't want?

More and more realizing that what we think we want on the surface is a much more significant desire from our soul self. To discover what the REAL feeling is below the first level thought is becoming a conscious player in the game of your life...

What in this moment is life calling forth in you?