Our innate nature to NURTURE…

ZENZIVA Living Magazine


7 women, mostly new to one another-- all arrive at a Waikiki beach on a truly incandescent Sunday morning, and embrace each other with a hug.

We find ourselves sitting in a circle on the edge of the shore line, with gorgeous flowers arranged among us. We share our vulnerabilities, our stories, our smiles and our tears-- all connecting us in beautiful, incomprehensible ways.

After a refreshing dip in the ocean, we each slather our bodies with a thick coat of chocolate scrub. Licking our fingers like little kids, giggling and scrubbing. Lovingly doing each others backs-- just like old friends, or sisters.

The chocolate scrub experience has created a novel opportunity to honor our journey, as well as to just play and pamper ourselves. The mystery remains as so many are invited, yet the ones that arrive the day of appear to be divinely orchestrated.

As the deeply layered lessons that everyone shares, also seems to be just perfect timing, or exactly what we needed to hear that day, individually. The cherished wisdom that is passed down from each woman is deeply moving. Then, we simply indulge in the lively celebration of our bodies, together.

To cleanse your soul and honor your beauty in such a playful, yet intensely nurturing way, creates a unique bond between us all. Giving us the chance to love and be loved, first ourselves + then each-other.

It is moments like these that gently remind us how humans do have a genuine desire to nurture one another. Seemingly small moments of grace and kindness that rekindle the strength needed to carry on with life, no matter what. 

How are you practicing beauty in your life?