Self care IS life...

an article by:

Andrea Berset


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Without our ability to care for our-self we will cease to exist. One thing is for sure, if you are here now reading this, you were born into this world with a human body. A human body, that just like a car requires some “upkeep,” in order to perform properly.

To thrive in your physical body is an excellent first step to self-care and feeling A-MAZING. Reducing stress, deep breathing, stretching, exercising, listening to and honoring your body’s needs are no doubt very important aspects of caring for yourself.

However, true self-care goes much deeper than just the physical body. Caring for one’s self also calls you to acknowledge and nurture your emotional + mental bodies as well.

It is an exceptional dynamic when all three of these “bodies” are working together harmoniously. This feels like your body is vibrating at a much higher level, like your mind is clear and at ease with what is, and you are listening to and honoring your hearts guidance.

We must delve much deeper below the surface of the original concept of self-love and care.

The art of nourishing yourself, holding space for yourself and tending to your own emotional needs requires a unique kind of attention. I'm sure you have heard it before-- however, a daily journal practice IS the most effective way to unlocking the mystery of your mind. To ask yourself introspective questions and literally write/type it up to see what it is you are believing or how you really feel.

Creating a daily practice of writing in whatever way feels great to you is the BEST way to nourishing your mind and emotions. Make it beautiful for yourself- be outside or inside, with a gorgeous journal you picked out or your fav device, surround yourself with what makes you feel good. Fresh flowers, amazing aromas, a delicious beverage to sip, whatever makes you sit down and ask yourself how you are feeling.

I have found that the most important aspect to self care is in every moment checking in with myself, asking questions and honoring the answer that is BEST for me. It takes practice to learn to trust your intuition and discern the difference between your mind and your heart.

We can think of the mind as the “ego” who either wants to get something or avoid something, and the heart as your soul's essence, your connection to the divine, your life force that is at total peace. You can tell the difference between the two based off of how it feels.

The relationship you have with yourself is reflected in all the other people in your life. How upfront and straightforward can you be with yourself?