Why you MUST indulge in solitude at the spa…

Images courtesy of Spa Montage, Kapalua Bay, Maui

Images courtesy of Spa Montage, Kapalua Bay, Maui


Do you ever wonder what it is you want to do next, and have no clue? May we suggest treating yourself to a day of SOLITUDE at the spa. Here at Zenziva, this is our favorite way to pamper ourselves, AND clear the mind.

Our beloved Spa Montage on Maui, has captured and created this sublime opportunity to reflect in the most tranquilizing style. We always feel an unparalleled moment of sweet relief as soon as we breeze through the grand entry. This luxurious spa is perfectly tucked in along the gorgeous coastline of the West Maui mountains, where the early evening sunsets will undoubtedly take your breath away.

As much as we love to invite our treasured besties to accompany us on these "stay-cays," it is absolutely essential that you venture out and into the spa terme all on your lonesome…


When you are alone, you open yourself up to the ethereal synchronicity of connecting with others. Cultured individuals, also solo and perhaps visiting from abroad, are then free to share relevant insight + unknown wisdom with you. This has happened to Andrea Berset, our founder, on multiple occasions. Finding herself alone and in the steam room, women have shared eye opening information with her.

One such guest had attended a chocolate scrub event with Andrea once before, and mentioned how much that experience had impacted her. She explained that to be with other women, sharing and supporting each other in this way sparked in her the idea of  “a good old girls club.” Comparable to the way men have they’re “good old boys club.” --where the men are groomed, tailored and patted on the back, for their success' and failures.

Andrea had never thought of the scrub experience in this light before. Allowing women to open up and share their feelings to be uplifted, even honored for their trials and tribulations in life, rather than the latter. Whereas oftentimes, there can be an underlying energy of faint competition between women.

At Zenziva, we have unknowingly created a secret woman's club where we are undoing these unconscious patterns, despite the subtle, yet deeply woven conditioning. Firstly, learning to embrace, love and accept ourselves-- and after, each other.

Andrea knows that if she had not been alone in the steam room that day, this profound insight about her purpose in life might not have been revealed to her in this way. To see through another’s eyes how your work in the world is impacting + inspiring others, and in this powerful NEW light, was EXACTLY what she needed that day!

Do indulge in the luxury of being on your own in all areas of life and FULLY open yourself up to the new. Perhaps you too will receive the gift of observation, and be inspired to persevere with what to focus on in your career.

There is something so ancient + mysterious about being naked and dripping sweat in a room with complete strangers, that seems to bond you in divine ways. Thus, realizing that the spa terme is also a secret club. Complete with an unspoken code about how any knowledge that is disclosed to you in the mist, must remain mostly in the mist. Therefor, we are only able to disclose a few more insider spa tips with you now, dear readers.


Body detox + exfoliation, deep leave in hair conditioning, + cuticle treatment

  1. Before entering the steam room, take a hot shower and treat yourself to a full body chocolate scrub to open up all your pores and prepare your body to receive the hydrating steam.

  2. Thoroughly coat your wet hair in the conditioner provided in the shower and wrap it up in a towel.

  3. Leave the rest of the conditioner on your hands for a nail cuticle treatment, then once in the steam room, massage the cuticles of your toes with the residual conditioner.

  4. Breathe deep and relax totally, asking your mind to join you in completely letting go.