The BEAUTY of simplicity...

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Keeping life simple is quite the practice in the reality that we inhabit. Whether it be managing our personal relationships, a skin care regimen, healthy meals, morning coffees, careers, or workout routines it is AMAZING at how quickly all “our options” can get crazy time consuming--

Of course a side effect of having so many options would be “option overload” followed by confusion and too much happening at one time. Therefore, this conundrum has inspired the opportunity to honor the often overlooked luxury of keeping ALL things in life as simple as possible.

Whether it be career, travel, family, fashion, beauty-- New practices have been put in place valuing quality over quantity and now noticing how very little is actually needed to have incredibly memorable experiences + a FULL rich life.

So awesome to have discovered that of course it is not in the accumulation of things or accolades or status! Thank goodness as you don't have to do ANYTHING for it. It is already readily available to you when your not so busy doing.

The Italians have got it going on! They have a saying- Bel far niente

Which translates into “The beauty of doing nothing,” where the ultimate goal in Italian's life is to make something beautiful out of nothing. The beauty of doing nothing is the goal for ALL your work, the final accomplishment for which you are most highly congratulated. The more exquisitely and delightfully you can do nothing, the higher your life's achievement.

Another bit of wisdom from the Italians: L’arte d’arrangiarsi is the art of making something out of nothing. The art of turning a few simple ingredients into a feast or a few gathered friends into a festival.

Recognizing that our chocolate body scrub creates these kinds of conditions. It is just a few simple elements that magically alcehmize into memorable + nourishing opportunities for connection with your own body, nature and others that you scrub with...

That sweet and simple JOY in the smallest parts of life. Moments where your mind relaxes and you are able to be present and watch in awe at your surroundings. Allowing yourself the pleasure of walking outside, laying in the grass, watching the clouds, glimpsing the radiant sun setting on the horizon, tasting raindrops falling from the sky…

The art of looking closely and questioning all the things we think we need to do or must do in order to maintain our life styles. Where in our lives can we cut out some “doing” and keep it more simple? Love questioning these concepts as they arise.

Is any of it true?