Access TRUE LOVE within…

an interview with:

Hoku Bayly



Q: Was there an initial “aha” moment that triggered a realization that you might not be living your truth? or loving yourself as much as you could?

A: Yes, thank goodness Andrea and I have been so connected since we first met, because one of my first "aha" moments came to me during the first healing circle group scrub she had invited me to.  It happened when she asked me to say a prayer for myself first, before praying for anyone else, because I needed to fill up my own cup and then I would be able to offer the overflow to others.  I had no idea! This really changed everything for me because it gave me permission to put myself first, probably for the first time. I had "the feeling" of missing something for a long time, I just didn't know what the feeling was, where it came from, or what to do with it.

Q: Was there some first steps you took towards telling yourself the truth?

A: Just acknowledging that I AM worthy of my own care and self love was a huge first step.  After that, doing small things for myself like taking a really relaxing bath, or treating myself to some alone time (I'm a mom), even if I felt guilty initially.  Knowing for sure that I deserved to feel good on my own helped me work through all those feelings of guilt or that I was being selfish, and eventually those feelings were able to be fully released.

Q: How did you know that you could be more, do more?

A: I've always had a feeling of greatness and success innately inside of me, but as I grew up, became and adult, entered a relationship and had kids, I had allowed that feeling to get buried behind what I "thought" I was "supposed" to be doing.  One day I realized I had accumulated all this anxiety and self diagnosed post partum depression on myself.  In that moment I knew that I had to do something different, because I knew I couldn't continue living and feeling this way.

Q: How did you shift into your power?

A: I was able to shift into my power when I started to take responsibility for the choices I had made, and how I felt.  When I stopped blaming motherhood, social media, my job, etc for "making me feel bad" I realized that it was always my choice to react negatively, to respond positively, and to maintain my own equanimity.  However, this took lots of practice, luckily, life gives unlimited chances to perfect this art :)  Still mastering this one.

Q: How would you describe the feeling of being powerful?

A: Whew!  I can describe feeling powerful in so many ways! It is so relieving! I feel my power when I feel like anything is possible, and that power is also so comforting and relaxing; when I know that everything is as it should be, and that I don't have to do anything that I don't want to do, because I can CHOOSE how I feel about what's to be done.  It is the feeling of swallowing the ultimate responsibility pill, and that no matter what the situation is, the effects of that pill will kick in, and it brings such a high and comfort and ease, simultaneously.

Q: What advice can you share with others who are ready to reclaim their truth, their power?

A: I can say to realize just that, that it is theirs, and no one else's.  Nobody and nothing took it from them, and it is there for them whenever they want it back.  In that realization alone, major shifts can occur.  I would also say that although this is an inside job, we are not meant to do it alone, and when the intention to reclaim your power is fierce, the universe shows up at your doorstep to help you see it, feel it, and be it.

Q: Now that your radiating power, grace, & confidence, what has changed about you and your life?

A: Thank you for seeing that in me.  Literally everything has changed, and yet nothing has really changed.  As conflicting as that sounds, it is clearly true for me.  Every way that I used to think on autopilot has been exposed, and now I know what to do with my feelings as they arise.  I am no longer against myself.  Because of my shift in perspective and how I view the world, it appears in a totally new way, through my new set of eyes.  It is only because of my change in perception, that the same things look new. I'm totally in love with life.