EXPLORING our beliefs…


written by— Hoku Bayly

What is belief exploration? It’s a phrase that Andrea and I use often, and feel that it needs a thorough explanation. My hope is that readers will not only gain a better understanding of what it is we speak about, but that you will partake in the adventure as well.

The reason we as individuals suffer, is because of our belief systems. It is our core beliefs, that is, what we believe about ourselves to be true, that determine what shows up in our unique and individual reality. If you want to know what you’re believing in, look at your life.

A wise woman once described it to me as “waking up from a bad dream”, and just like a nightmare, you don’t usually wake up until it’s so scary, there's no other choice. Telling myself the truth one day, I was able to recognize that in my adult life, I wasn’t happy all the time, and then I started to ask WHY? I started to wake up.

When I describe belief exploration, I mean the emotional intelligence required to accurately identify personal feelings, especially the ones that don’t feel good, and to trace them back to where they came from. To question and courageously tell myself the truth about how and why I feel the way I do. This gives way to an eventual understanding that nothing can have ANY effect on me, good or bad, unless I believe that it can.  

This type of internal investigation shines the light on what we really believe about ourselves,  allowing us to reclaim our power. Through belief exploration, a knowing is gained; I believe what I want and choose to believe! There is a catch however; if you don’t know what it is you believe, you can’t decide whether to keep it, or upgrade it.

Most beliefs are formed in childhood. As innocent children, we were likely to believe what our grown ups told us. We were taught that when we didn’t follow the rules, we were “wrong”. That if we hit our sibling or classmate, we were “bad”. When someone yelled at us for such behavior we started to feel bad about ourselves, we believed we deserved it.  

The core beliefs of being bad, wrong, unsafe, unworthy, unloveable, we’ve all got some combination of them locked deep inside. Look at your personal relationships. Do they ever make you feel this way?  

As we begin to wake up, we start to see it’s not because of the other person after all. We can see that we believed it to be true about ourselves and were unconsciously willing to experience the feeling again. This is the bad dream, and when you’ve finally had enough, you will find the courage to wake up, too. This is where the shifts happen, and the shifts are REAL! Life isn’t meant to be a bad dream, in fact, it can be even more amazing than your dreams at night.

There is no greater feeling than recognizing the infinite and intrinsic truth of your being. Truly believing that it is impossible to make a mistake, and becoming a witness to your experiences instead of a victim to them. This is when you can fall deeply in love with yourself and your life, because you can truly and finally see every part. This is why I choose to explore my beliefs. There are so many resources to make this journey easier, all you have to do is ask, and commit to living your most authentic life.