Next Level ROMANCE…

an interview with:

Kelley Chapman


Sweet couple enjoying the chocolate scrub together on Maui


We have been flooded with feedback from our clients who love to share how much our chocolate body polish ENHANCES their romantic life. When we designed this formula it was meant to feel ultra sensual and satisfying within your own body, and of course this experience magnifies with your lover.

As sensorial beings, stimulating every inch of ourselves with luxurious chocolatey goodness is a way to open up all of your senses. Dropping into our most seductive self and then sharing that, is truly the most wonderful gift you can offer.

We love that our intentional body polish has expanded into an epic opportunity to pamper your loved one like royalty, allowing for that even DEEPER connection.


Q: Please do tell us about the first time you and Vini indulged in a body loving session together with our chocolate scrub? In detail, haha!

A: I put together a beautiful picnic basket full of fresh picked flowers, fruit salad, lemon water, a blanket and of course my favorite body scrub of all times, the ZENZIVA Chocolate Scrub. I drove us to the place we were married, and set everything up and invited Vini to join me. We both set new intentions and also stated everything we are grateful for. After sharing some fruit I began to scrub my beloved with this wonderful chocolate scrub and telling him how much I honored him as my husband. Allowing ourselves to be playful with each other and truly expand in this present moment. We each took turns to scrub every inch of our bodies and adorn each other with sweet kisses and words of affirmation. We entered the water hand in hand. I looked around and noticed everyone had left the area and it was just the two of us, in our sacred spot. We swam out into the beautiful blue water enjoying our renewed skin and energy. Instantly we embrace, and well l believe it is safe to say we made the most magical ocean love ever. This scrub and that experience truly introduced magic back into our love life.


Q: We know that because this scrub is edible AND so tasty, that it is extra sensual with your lover. Do you think that makes a difference in the leveling up because you can relax and fully enjoy the purity on so many levels?

A: Absolutely! I only put skin care products on that are edible. It is the only way to truly know how safe and non toxic products are. With the chocolate scrub there is no time frame when you need to wash it off, allowing me to take my time and fully live in the moment.


Q: Would you say that the raw + dirty aspects of coating yourself in dark chocolate and sugar, seems kind of animalistic and carnal in a way, and it plays a part in stimulating the next level romance?

A: Haha why yes it does!! When Vini began to scrub me I could see the shift in his eyes. He loved taking big handfuls of the scrub and layering my body with this deliciousness. I mean this scrub is also quite tasty!! Every sense was heightened to the next level!! Meow


Q: Why do you think it is so important to keep the romantic intensity so high with your lover, and how would you say that our scrub particularly enhances this opportunity?

A: I find that when I am in tune with my beloved, he melts in my hand. Not the type of melting where I am in full control of the relationship, but the kind where he does very noble acts of gesture for me. He walks up behind me and kisses my neck, leaves flowers on my pillow when he leaves early for work, leaves fresh squeezed juice for me to drink in the morning. He is attentive to me and makes me feel special and loved. My husband always wants to do a chocolate scrub ceremony any chance we can, and so do I!


Q: How do you maintain such a beautiful balance of being a powerhouse swimwear designer + owner, AND the nurturing and loving of yourself, AS you coexist + deeply love your wonderful man, simultaneously?

A: Owning my business has helped me to shift to create healthier boundaries for myself, and be more more selective with my time. One way I nurture myself is to go on an early beach walk and dance along the shoreline. After a good dance I usually look out to the ocean for guidance. If I need to release something, perhaps an old story that is running on repeat in my mind, I ask the ocean to wash it away. To truly co-exist with my beloved I have to co-exist with myself first. If I am happy and vibrant, THEN I find that my partnership reflects how I feel.

Kelley + Vini on their wedding day

Kelley + Vini on their wedding day