Are you and your SOUL working together?


written by— Andrea Berset

NOW I do, Lol. A few years ago the answer to this question would have been, “I know best, and I know what I want! ” Literally pushing away the intuition, the subtle nudgings from my heart. Dismissing these feelings as not true so that my mind could push forward with all that it thought it wanted.

NOW, after many many lessons, It is true. I do trust that my soul wants what I want. We are in alignment. After countless tweaks and a powerful re-centering, I now feel like we are on the same team.

The practice has been to recognize and dis-identify with the mind and what IT thinks it wants based on a childhood program. The programming is so THICK and so integrated into our subconscious that we actually believe it is what we want. I.E, the materialistic things, what we believe is necessary to be good enough, successful, or just to survive.

It is such a beautiful process to gently and slowly start to unwind all of these beliefs of what we think we want and who we think we are. As human beings IT IS necessary to heal the conflict, to still the voice that quietly argues within you. To ask that our mind, body and soul work together in a harmonious way that promotes our well being.

To open up the channel within our hearts and to access the deep inner knowing of our soul we must become like children again. It is said that to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, one must become like a little child again. To free yourself from the conditioning, to drop all beliefs that you learned in order to become an “adult,” and to “survive.”

So perplexing to enter this reality as your true nature, as the child full of wonder and awe. To be totally innocent, free of all ideas and concepts about what is right and wrong, good and bad. To then have to just undo it all, AGAIN.

Seriously, why this is a part of our human experience?

They call it a cosmic joke. No one is exempt from the process. ALL must undo everything they have learned and become emptiness, innocence once again. Heaven and Hell exist simultaneously, and it is either you are looking through the lens of fear, or through the eyes of LOVE.

Your true nature, your soul self is here for you waiting, patiently--admiring and honoring all aspects of your journey. Begin the process of questioning everything you were taught to believe and ask yourself--is this still true for me?

Layer by layer it will fall away and you will be free. FREE to connect and interpret what your soul is communicating to you via the heart. Awakening your heart, and falling deeply in love with your true self, your soul self is the one direct and immediate way to express your glorious inner world that is just waiting to shine through.