Coming HOME…

An article by:

Hoku Bayly


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Have you ever come home to a person? That feeling of familiarity even though you've only just met? I CRAVE this experience of meeting people who feel like home. I've asked myself recently why and how these people show up? The answer I keep getting is that it's because I came home to ME, first.

Coming home to yourself, this is your greatest love affair. This IS that once in a lifetime, FOREVER LOVE you've been praying for. Accept this as your truth. Fall in love with YOURSELF and your body actively, everyday. I won't lie, learning to love yourself can be a bit of a bitch, but I promise it's WORTH IT.

Being able to identify who we think we are as separate from our body is a HUGE shift and imperative step in learning HOW to love your body and yourself.  When you can think of your body as its own entity, you create the space for a relationship to emerge.  A unique and marvelous, deeply personal love affair will beg to ensue.

Look yourself in the eyes each morning instead of ignoring your reflection on the way to the toilet, gaze deeply, whisper passionately just how fucking beautiful you are, and how MUCH you love yourself. Say all the sweet things, be romantic. Even and especially if you don't believe it. It seems silly and so damn cheesey and IT IS! Laugh at yourself! Let go of who you should be and recognize who you already are!

LET yourself learn the art of self love and care with the acquisition of skills to aid in the undoing of the life-up-to-this-point damages that cause you pain. Think of your heart as being inside of an iceberg, as you love yourself, your heart begins to warm, and the iceberg starts to melt...

This is the part that hurts, that feels scary and makes us want to give up. The tears. You're gonna cry. The iceberg is melting and your eyes are the drains. Your body will sob and heave with you. You'll be a heaping, blubbering pile of emotions. Yes, it's true. The trick is to equip yourself with tools that enable more graceful transitions through the ebbs and flows of this thing called life as a human...WITH FEELINGS.

You can do it! The pain will pass, it leaves through the tears and the moans as you assume the fetal position. This perseverance through the discomfort is where courage is born, and you are so brave!

Luckily, every-body can open their hearts with a little coaxing from the inside, and we can all learn to let more love in. And then guess what happens?! More love comes OUT.

People start showing up as mirrors reflecting the love you're radiating. A homecoming has begun! The sky is brighter, the food tastes better and the orgasms are more ecstatic! It's a whole new world and somehow it feels simultaneously comforting, safe, and EXCITING.

When you fall in love (with you) you begin to appreciate EVERYTHING, WHOLE-heartedly. This is the place where you can live permanently, in love, and at home.

Coming home to yourself, this is your greatest love affair.