DESERVE Your dream!

An article by:

Andrea Berset


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A man gave me this sound advice the other day after we briefly met while chatting over tacos at lunch. I answered his questions about my life and career nonchalantly. I always love to meet people who appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit and the kind of dedication it takes.

I told him how fortunate and lucky I have been to be able to live and thrive in my passion here on Maui, he replied back to me, “That sounds like skill.” Realizing how often times I might downplay my achievements as just luck or chance happenings, his words have helped me to start owning the hard work I have put in.

When he offered his parting advice and said these words to me, “Deserve your dream.” it took me a couple of tries to comprehend the message. He looked deeply into my eyes and my soul interpreted the words on a different level than my mind.

How did he know there are so many aspects to this game of life that I feel like I do not deserve? Like I have just gotten lucky on a whim a few times. HOW do you go about deserving your dream?

By letting yourself have it. Letting yourself fully step into the role you created and adjust + stand proud in the new you with confidence.

An excellent reminder as we are all such powerful creators and desire is just an endless well. Once one desire is attained another arises, such is the human experience. None of our creations are accidents or "chance happenings," ever.

Cherishing the moments when the dreams come into fruition and you are there in the moment of actualization. Often times I have found myself in a state of somewhat disbelief of what has been created, how powerful I can be, as we all can be...

As we dream and rise to each new occasion there are new levels of our subconscious to observe. For example, as we are settling into a new way of being in our success there are also new levels of subtle self sabotage to observe, acknowledge, honor and release.

“New levels, new devils.” So they say….

Noticing the many opportunities and levels of trust it has taken to continue to rise to each challenge. What is required is patience, kindness, tolerance, and understanding for yourself.

What is next is truly believing and LIVING from the place that we do deserve what we have accomplished. AND what we want to continue to create! It takes a deep acceptance, a true dedication to the loving of yourself, your journey, your challenges, your ability to rise up and up, ever upward my friend!


Are you truly letting yourself have your dream right now?