Full moon face LOVE practice...

Scrub full moon ritual.JPG

written by— Hoku Bayly


This full moon practice is indulging in a facial massage. Realizing the face is the most pressured body aspect and yet how often is it a practice to lovingly touch your face as a form of self love and care? I had the thought that perhaps I would “get to fall in love with a whole new body” as a part of my human aging process and by the next day I noticed new wrinkles on my face and around my lips, between my brows.

The next night after work, and with the obsessing thought of noticeable new face wrinks, I attuned to my body which is thankfully becoming a new autopilot behavior. I sank into her (my body) to give her what she needed. Tonight, she needed face massage, and it was epic. So much release felt through my facial muscles as they willingly rested into the touch of my own hands. Still sitting in my car, I switched hands and rubbed and squeezed and molded and formed my lips and face in intuitive motions and felt so deeply that I was releasing and relaxing those wrinkles.

I plan on not aging past this year:) and facial touching and massage feels like a most obvious form of body wisdom as I get more and more honest and able to recognize and receive the messages my body is communicating. Keeping our muscles healthy means regular massage and stimulation. Period. Working out the knots and tension we accumulate. Even in our face, or rather, especially.

Let’s be radically honest about our health on this full moon, including our expectations, and what simple practices we can add to our self care routine to make this life the best one yet.

Self Care Practice…

During your shower, incorporate a package of chocolate body scrub, loving your entire body and bringing present attention to your gorgeous face! Gently massage the scrub onto your face, love your face for being the part of you that is most recognizable. After your shower, your face will be supple and moisturized and ready for a beautiful moment where you can massage your jaw, forehead, lips, and with intention, let go of any and all judgment and tension accumulated in those highly pressured places.

Use this full moon to release those untrue thoughts about your stunning facial attributes and fill this newfound space with even more of the radiant love that you are! There will be a guaranteed noticeably different light that your eyes exude, all it takes is love, and the love you give yourself is the most powerful and transformative of all.