Guiding a HEART based business…

written by:

Andrea Berset


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Activating trust in yourself as you conjure up new ideas and passions you are ready to implement in your career is quintessential to running an avant garde business.

Avant garde means: people or works that are experimental, radical, or unorthodox with respect to art, culture, or business.

So you have a unique idea, seems like everyone loves it, wants it and you have the green light on going for it. Awesome, now you are super inspired to make a plan and to figure out how to make it happen.

Starting up your own business is a dream many would like to pursue. So many contributing factors needed to even begin. A good idea, a quality product, cultivating an image for a brand and a plan to strategically execute it is just the beginning phases.

Love the quote, “without risk there is no reward.” And risk there will be along with many rewards!

An even edgier factor to add to the equation is running a heart based business with conscious intention. The odds seem stacked against you as every single traditional business formula, plan, and all advice is not relevant to an entrepreneur that stays in the present moment and acts from intuitive guidance.

Our modern times has created this unbelievably epic opportunity for ANYONE to create anything they desire. It is true that the universe does seem to rapidly move with you the moment you decide to go all in on anything your heart dreams of. Quite literally the universe indeed does have your back, which is a belief that you will have to fully integrate in order to upgrade to the next level of trust in life and in your business’ success.

Love the retrospect, the looking back, at the many cycles ZENZIVA has taken over the course of the just three years in operation. They say it take 10 years to become an “overnight success” Lol! So much has changed within ZENZIVA since then, what I thought I wanted and in my personal goals in such a short period of time.

In lIfe we have these passions that run within each of us and it is relevant to our experience to create and actualize these nudgings from our souls. So Incredibly grateful to have been inspired to start ZENZIVA and to have willingly been on the roller coaster ride of running an avant garde business.

Sometimes I just want to pull my hair out and run away, the voice in my head yelling, “It will be so much easier to just work for someone else!”  Most times I am connected to the wisdom of watching in awe that which is the beauty of allowing your creation to unfold effortlessly. Like the Lotus Flower, slowly unfurling its delicate petals one by one into absolute brilliance.

I have taken the necessary vow, and suggest that you do too if you embark on the journey of entrepreneurship. To listen to my soul, that quietly says, keep going and keep growing. Everything is exactly as it should be. Honor what you truly desire and drop into the love in your heart as you make decisions. Trust in yourself and your dreams.

A few tips I can share in regards to running a business from your heart + trusting your intuition.

  1. Keep the main thing the main thing. You will find that as you create something of value so many opportunities will present themselves that you can also do. Stay focused on what you are doing, and keep it simple, super simple!

  2. Let go of the plan, allow yourself and your business to change. We are ever-evolving and we cannot forecast the future, what you thought you wanted is always changing, so be gentle on yourself as things unfold, sometimes not as you thought:)

  3. RELAX and enjoy the creation process. The moment you think something is completed, it changes again. An entrepreneur can drive themselves crazy with the multitude of things they can be doing or should be doing. “Don’t should on yourself.” Lol

  4. Listen mostly to yourself. You are the one that sparked this idea into creation in the first place, ultimately you have all the answers about what to do and what not to do. Drop in and ask yourself and WAIT for the answer.