Honor your DANCE...

written by:

Hoku Bayly



A full body touch & dance party for 1!!! As amazing as it is to dance with others, practicing the art of loving yourself means bringing attention to the attention you give yourself. Why not bring our attention to how we dance all on our own, with permission! Set a stage for your dance party, adjust your lighting, light candles if you have, burn incense or diffuse some essential oils, prepare some tea or other delicious beverage to keep your body fueled, and get hyped for your very own stay at home shake down! Get your naughtiest, grooviest, top fav dance playlist bumping and let that beautiful body move and express herself in the way only she can. Let her (your body) feel free with nobody but YOU watching.

As you surrender to the rhythms of balance and connection flowing extra palpably with this wonderous full moon energy, stay mindful of how your body is feeling, and feel her dancing, almost as if you were dancing with a lover. Touching your own body sensually to the music, allow any and all feelings to arise. Give voice to your feels if needed and stay reminded that you are safe and with yourself, all judgment removed. This is why this exercise is meant to be done alone, noticing how we feel and how we can change the way we feel whether through dance or touch. The effect of a solo dance party can be overlooked because of the minds dismissive nature, however, this type of “training” can create a HUGE ripple effect, reverberating back as more fun, flowing, positive experiences! Just like dancing and touching.

The mind wants to tell us an evening like this isn’t necessary, it’s frivolous, silly!

We’re all being faced with this ridiculous challenge of either listening to our mind and missing thousands of dance parties because of it, or we can tap into that childlike wonder telling us we wanna feel the beat, shut all other thoughts down, and choose to be our own encourager, saying “yeah babe, dance like nobody’s watching, it’s good for you”.

Well I’m saying it to you now, and if you got this far, if you get the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you do!