How deeply CAN you love yourself?

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written by— Andrea Berset

It is no doubt astounding how much love we truly desire from ourselves. How many inner nudgings and semi-silent requests our soul expresses to us ALL the time. Ways in which we can put ourselves first and do more of what makes us feel good.

Do you recognize these opportunities? Hear that little voice within you, beckoning you, guiding you towards absolute self acceptance? The phone is ringing, pick it up! Say YES to deeply loving yourself.

I believe this is basically why we have incarnated as human beings at all. To cultivate the art of truly loving all aspects of yourself.

Every time you feel judgement or criticism of yourself that is an opportunity to turn it into LOVE, and as we become aware of this and watch for these opportunities we can profoundly shift our experience of life.

More and more it is becoming aware to me that how I treat myself is how my reality shows up to treat me. A truly perfect mirror reflecting this back. To observe this is an incredible gift!

Can you see the areas of your life that you could love yourself even more?

Whether it be something seemingly simple like a new way of drinking your coffee in the mornings or prioritizing the time to make a wholesome bowl of vegetables. We can find that our minds may try and talk you out of it with a whole slew of excuses: it takes too much time and it is too expensive, or you don't really need that right now.

We are constantly being nudged by what our soul wants next for us, the question is: will we give it to ourselves?

Can you take a close look at your schedule and slot in MORE time for yourself? We are always being invited to and asked to do things. Are you prioritizing yourself first, or over committing to others and finding yourself depleted and exhausted? Slightly resenting yourself for not scheduling in “me” time.

The MOST important time...

To stay in the moment honoring these requests from your soul as they arise, one by one is the golden ticket to freely and openly loving YOU!

My personal ways I love to love myself: making healthy vegetables with plenty of time to eat in a relaxed way, nurturing days of writing and resting, breathing and dancing, chocolate scrubs on the beach, champagne and cigars, sunrises and sunsets, exhilaration + adventure!


Is there anything you can do right now to love yourself even MORE?