If not now, WHEN?

 written by:

Andrea Berset


ZENZIVA Living Magazine


Upon celebrating a major 7 year cycle of living on the gorgeous island of Maui, a profound realization about a way in which I have been living my life, has become all too clear. While in the midst of reflecting, I am in awe that it has taken me 7 years to go to this secret beach (pictured above) that I have always wanted to journey to since I first arrived.

I first glimpsed this mystifying place far out in the distance from the endpoint of one of my favorite hikes on the south side of the island. The entire coastal hike is absolutely breath taking and it is always quite the spiritual + physical adventure.

ZENZIVA Living Magazine

When we reached the end of the hike the very first time, I saw the beach in the distance, and my heart longed to be there. Something about that place was calling to me. We however, did not have enough time to veer off the path into the unknown, without running the risk of returning in the dark.

Next time, we said.

Over the years, I have done this hike countless times. Always with someone else, and ALWAYS there would not be enough time. Each time finding myself begrudgingly walking away from what I wanted to do with the promise, I will come back and do it.

Fast forward 7 years, Lindsey asking me how I would like to celebrate my Mauiversay and after some pondering, this image of this beach came into my mind.

Perfect, finally! Of course, the tide was super high that day, and the beach not even visible from the endpoint. The thought crossed my mind, had it been a mirage this whole time?

Off the trail and on we went towards the tops of green trees we could barely see. As my shoes crunched on the earth, it suddenly hit me that I had been placing what I wanted to do on the back burner this ENTIRE time and, Wow! 7 years has gone by! 

To arrive on this beach that day was nothing short of A-MAZING! To cross over into terrain I had never been on and traverse rocky lava fields with Lindsey, transported us back into being like kids again. The beach and the water were even more magical than I could have imagined. A soft sandy black beach in a perfect little clear cove with gentle waves rolling in.

We immediately undressed and ran into the ocean, swimming and dipping under the waves like giddy dolphins. Life was just beaming in all its splendor in that newness! We felt so alive and the water even felt extra sweet + different too.

How could I have waited so long to come here? What stopped me all these years?

This realization hit me as hard as an unexpected, tumultuous wave! What stopped me from going there by myself? Why do I always have to wait for another to come with me?

So intense to look back now at how much I put off something that my soul, my intuition was totally nudging me to do. An exhilarating adventure, an epic opportunity just over the horizon, waiting for me to experience it. To see how long I had put it off, had put myself off, was beyond excruciating.

The lesson was as clear as the ocean that day. Do what you want NOW, right now! Our minds have convinced us that there is a next time, what if there is not a next time? How many missed opportunities do we experience based on this fiction?

We are no doubt here to fully live and all we have to guide us is our natural desire. When we allow ourselves the luxury of following our intuition AND then actually give it to ourselves, pure unadulterated MAGIC happens!


What comes up for you in this very moment that you want to do-- and have not yet allowed yourself the luxury of doing?