Less hustle, more FLOW…

written by—

Andrea Berset

Zenziva Living


It has been deeply ingrained within us since childhood to “hustle.” The word hustle can translate in our modern times to just simple “trying to prove your worth” through hard work. To literally use your inner force and personal will to create what you think you need, in order to either be okay or successful.

What will happen if your not hustling or working hard? Will all your life goals and dreams not manifest?

I have been personally pondering this question + this notion for quite some time, as I have been super guilty of “making everything I want happen” in the past…

Who is the hustler? What do they really need and most importantly why do they need it?

What happens if the hustler relaxes a bit and lets life merely happen?

Love this quote, “Don’t go with the flow, BE the flow.” - Jay Z

I write these words as a powerful reminder to my own inner hustler. You are here to experience the joy of living, and from your experience comes expansion. From your expansion comes new desires. Realize the truth about desire— once you obtain one desire then there will be the next one you want too!

Can you allow yourself to feel more and figure out less? Such a BIG difference!

Amazing to live your life this way. Initially quite difficult to comprehend, much less practice. I am in the midst of this now. Feeling my way through life, letting go of the plan, the ideas from my mind about the way that my life should be. Going with the flow is letting life happen to you, however a mere shift of perspective and a slight change in identification supersedes the idea of even going with the flow.

How do you tell the difference between then hustler and the flow?

The hustler needs something or someone in order to be okay, or good enough, or happy. The flow is confident, patient, trusting, at peace and feels like graceful content. The flow knows that everything is as it should be. Identify the Flow within you now, notice the difference between the two energies at play. Pay attention and honor the hustler, s(he) has been doing the best they can with what they have been given. S(he) is tired— her position + identity is not sustainable.

The Flow within you is the same fluent motion like water flows downstream a river. This energy is loving and appreciating all that is happening around it, without trying to shape or manage it. This feels effortless and easy. Drop into the flow within you now, feel it moving through you- and let it lead you ever so gently down the river of your epic life.

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” Lao Tzo