Let yourself ESCAPE...

ZENZIVA Living Magazine


Escape ALL of the things that you think you know about yourself, everything that you have ever learned about yourself, the stories that you tell yourself about yourself...

Let yourself escape who you were, all of the ideas about who you think you are. For this moment let all of that go.

Feel the freedom from the past totally slip away from you. Like a heavy wet blanket that just falls from your shoulders. What does it feel like to be free from all of that?

The idea of escape feels wonderfully liberating! To retreat, to reprieve, to escape even for just a moment, this moment and know that who you were, is not who you are NOW.

Bowing down and honoring all of the lessons, everything you have experienced and LOVING it. Deeply knowing how incredibly necessary it has been for your personal growth, so you can joyfully + peacefully walk away from it.

Escape literally means: break free from confinement or control. To be liberated from the roles, the identities, the issues, the concepts…

In your heart walk away from all of those ideas. Allow yourself to drift into a new dream, one where none of that is actually true anymore.

Breathe deeply into this new feeling, feel the freedom of this new air fully encompass your heart space, feel your lungs expand with this newness! Exhale that huge sigh of relief!

Give yourself permission to let go, completely and totally. Let yourself escape into your new self, drop into the harmonious oasis within your true self, revel in this beautiful newness--

We absolutely LOVE to treat ourselves to a healing chocolate body scrub to release these old layers of ourselves + make room for the new!