Beyond Romance, Soul Friends…



What we think about ourselves is more important that what others think about us. However, there is a beautiful connection between both perspectives that can offer a most profound symbiotic relationship, i.e. soulmate friendships.

You don’t have to be lovers to qualify as soulmates, proven in the best of friendships. These relationships may very well play the most significant roles in anyone’s life. Having a friend to confide in, to share your dreams with, and most importantly to be your authentic self around is the lens through which you may clearly start to view yourself, just as your best friend does, and just like you view them. This is social validation, a huge piece of how self belief is created, maintained, and reinforced.

When you decide to go “all in” and live life from your heart, having a bestie to aid in the deciphering process of “where is this desire/inspiration coming from?” (head vs. heart) will make the journey easier AND the rewards are two fold; you learn how to believe in yourSELF as well as strengthen a bond that is unlike any other.

As fate would have it, Andrea and Hoku have created this exact soulmate friendship. Their love for one another is deeply passionate, it holds immense influence, and the way they show up for one another continues to inspire growth and spark motivation in both. Having realized they share very similar life purposes of awakening to the truth of who they are, and to then live life from this space, is the point of attraction that has bonded these two for life.  

How precious it is to hold this sacred space for one another while simultaneously aware that there is in fact, “nobody else”.

Standing as each other's mirror of recognition and social validation, saluting each other at every opportunity, knowing this leads to deeper self acknowledgment, awareness, and the ability to truly savor who they are and what they each accomplish in every moment.

Upon meeting it was absolutely love at first sight, and as their love continues to grow, they have been able to accomplish more together, than as individuals. Running Zenziva as best friends, contrary to traditional advice, has been possible only because of this soulmate quality.

Beyond romance lies an epic fairy tale of friendship.