Embrace the MYSTERY of life...


written by— Andrea Berset

Fear of the unknown is what keeps us still. We all want a guarantee-- the deets of how, when and where. By letting go of the “plan” for the future, it opens you up to be available for the next step in your evolution.

How do you let go? You do it step by step, just one foot after another. Staying right here in this moment knowing everything continues to shift and change in the “future” on its own. You can make a list and prepare yourself as best you can for what you "think" is going to happen, but ultimately all you can truly do is just REST with yourself right now-- trusting in the divine orchestration of what will unfold as you actively have faith in it.

Start with where you are and then just take that next step. The idea that you have any control over any moment other than this one is just not true.

Confide in your loved ones that you know love you unconditionally and want whats best for YOU. Share your feelings as they arise, your fears, your worries, your doubts. Enjoy the process of sharing what is coming up for you. KNOW that as you share these feelings then THAT opens you up to the next step for you to shift and change again.

We are merely evolving moment by moment and that is all you CAN do. What a relief! Embrace support and share how you feel to remedy any internal backlash that might try and undermine the new identity or role that you are stepping into.

As far as I can tell you step into the unknown by actively residing within your own heart, to live from this magical and mysterious place of love. We have no doubt mostly always been locally based in the mind, so when we begin to make the shift down into the heart it is no doubt life altering, disorienting, even discombobulating. It takes practice, so please be gentle on yourself as you make these bold moves within.

Seems like it's an obvious answer, to live from the love in your heart. That choosing this path would be without hesitation. However, there is a loyalty to the “way things have always been.” It feels somewhat like an abandoning of what we have always trusted to help us make decisions, what we have always relied on, our comrade, our ally, our friend, a total allegiance to our mind and "what worked for us in the past."

What we have been looking for is what we are seeing with--

There is an all knowing, omnipotent presence within us. This presence has no questions about life and tuning into this space feels like home. Being right there with it, within ourselves-- living from an entirely new location in your body. To know where your soul lives, where this presence resides, to practice connecting with and trusting your self behind the self.

There is a transition phase. A point in which we feel like we have a foot in each canoe. One attached to the mind and the way its always been, and the other firmly planted in the unknown-- your heart. Trusting, affirming, moving, allowing, coaxing the other foot out of the apparent safety of that other canoe of the mind.

Asking for a leap of faith, a leap into the unknown, letting life fully have you…

The mind what's to know “how” to do this, and the heart says-- you can't figure it out, just go for it! Loving this aspect of ourselves that has kept us “safe” and “secure” for so long so it will release its grip, so that it can surrender to the mystery of the unknown…

Soothe your mind, by reassuring it on the reg-- everything is okay love, we are okay, and we can trust this LOVE now. We are working together as a team, our body, mind + soul aligned in the most effortless harmony, backed by total FAITH and trust in the beauty of life.