Truly Believing in your SELF…


written by— Andrea Berset

SELF Belief: To believe in oneself, is firstly recognizing and honoring your true self. The part of you that knows no doubt. That which is eternal, everlasting, your essence. A very important practice we do at Zenziva is to self observe our thoughts, ideas, and insights, and then do our best to discern the difference between the mind and the intuition.

What can get confusing sometimes is the voice in our head. The mind or this voice is constantly thinking and has an agenda about the future and the way that it should be, and stories about who we are from the past. Therefore believing in your SELF can be an interesting game sometimes. The question is; where is it coming from, the mind or the intuition?

Your true self is LOVE; amazing, compassionate, generous, patient, trusting, unwavering LOVE

Our favorite quote is, “The heart has no questions, and the mind has no answers.” - Pali Summerlin

Discerning the difference between the mind and the intuition is what's NEXT for you. Start to notice when the mind is trying to convince you as to how you can be better if you will just do “this”, so that then you will get “that.”

Self Belief has everything to do with initially, deeply LOVING YOURSELF. Exactly as you are! Once you have fully accepted yourself, completely and totally, the trust begins to develop. Truly loving and accepting yourself takes diligent practice and so much surrender and embrace. So start right now! One way to start practicing this is to tell yourself the truth about the way that you REALLY FEEL, and ACCEPT IT.

When ideas or thoughts about what you want to do pop in, you can ask, is this my true self or my conditioned self that is scared of being judged or not good enough?

Then wait, and listen patiently for the answer, you will receive it at some point.

Indulge in deeply listening to your heart. Strengthening + trusting the intuition is our true north guidance system in this lifetime. You can totally and completely believe in your capabilities, passions, and desires when you can establish where they are coming from. Believe in yourSELF with a little help from your friends (SOULfriends)