Your HEART knows what's next...

written by:

Andrea Berset



Shifting from identifying with the voice in your mind to dropping into your heart space seems simple, yet is a whole new way of living. To have spent the majority of our lives conditioned to the philosophy of “I think, therefore I am.” It is quite a radical shift from the thinking mind to a whole new way of being.

Since the beginning of time, all major religions have some way of trying to express the idea of living from the heart, awakening the heart. It is said that the heart, just like the brain is a powerful mechanism for which profound insight and connection to divine knowledge and wisdom is accessible.

I have been personally practicing this switcharoo and it is indeed interesting. The practice of this shift from trusting the voice in your mind to then just trying to hear the faint whispers of your heart's intuition is not as easy as it sounds. What I am gathering is that the heart, of course, does not use words or language. Instead, these are mere feelings, simple nudgings from our soul that we then as humans, have to learn to interpret.  

We have become so accustomed to words and thoughts that it is indeed like speaking a new language and one that you cannot learn with the mind. It is nonsensical to the mind altogether. Those feelings of intuitive guidance, wisdom, and connection to all that there is cannot be expressed through words.

Cultivate a practice of tuning into the feelings or vibrations that arise within your heart and take the time to truly listen. It is said that our soul communicates through us via the heart space. It is a matter of switching from listening to the rational mind to listening from a different part of your body and feeling into this inner knowing.

Recently, I have been practicing asking questions from my soul and instead of taking the first initial advice from my mind, I am allowing the heart to slowly unveil the message. The heart is not as quick as the mind and since it doesn't use words it takes a bit more time to understand the message.

Since we live only in the nowish, what is next is all that matters. The mind wants to think about our entire past life story and REALLY wants to make sense out of it, so we can then plan for the future. This is it, babe, right here, right now, and all we can really do or focus on is what's next, moment by moment. Your heart knows the way, what a relief!

Taking the time to learn to understand your hearts messages is quintessential to honoring the divine wisdom within you.

There are so many different routes you can take that indeed will lead you to the same destination, however, learning to trust, act, speak, and even think from the love in your heart will make the road less bumpy.

Next time the mind is consuming you with ideas of the future or judgments of the past, take a moment to breathe deep, fully relax into the space of your body and ask your heart to soothe your mind. Ask your heart to calm the minds endless questions and ask your heart, what is next for me? REALLY listen, be patient with yourself as you are shifting to a completely new way of being, of living.

Trust the perfect unfolding of your life, and trust your heart to soothe your mind. Ask your heart and your mind to come into harmony and work together. It is said that the mind makes a poor master, and an excellent servant when in service to the heart. Practice accessing your soul's guidance through your beautiful and loving heart space.

Your heart has no questions and your mind has no answers...