Andrea Berset

Andrea Berset


Andrea's Story…

They say that what you create and share with the world is exactly what you need most for yourself. No doubt learning to care for and accept myself is exactly what I needed most.

None of us are exempt from the journey into firstly liking ourselves and lastly deeply loving our own heart like we do our best friend, our families, our love. Practicing unconditional acceptance and non-judgemental grace for our own human being takes incredible kindness, gentleness, and patience for our own process.

My story is simple. The Chocolate Body Scrub changed the way I love and treat my own body. I had been at war with her for as long as I could remember. Very subtly and totally secretly-- hating her, judging her, criticizing her and unconsciously expecting the worst from her.

Being diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 6, I always remember feeling trapped in and limited by my body. Feeling cursed, yet inspired to find my own “cure,” I set out on my own crusade in my very early twenties to find this miracle concoction of herbs, food, yoga, or alternative medicine that I just knew was going to save me from this “incurable disease” I suffered with.

The internal argument was always the same-- I didn't want to take the medicine I felt so dependent on. The answer was so much more simple than I ever could have imagined. A series of events led me to a natural doctors office where she witnessed the struggle I was experiencing as I laid on her table crying from the pain and feeling forced to take a medicine I didn't want to.

I was at a breaking point, I had tried everything and it all felt so futile, no matter what I did the pain would come and go and there was no explanation for it. She radically changed my life that day with a very uncomplicated question when she asked, “Have you ever thought maybe the pain just wants love?”

I was completely shocked by this, as out of all the things I had ever tried none ever included loving the pain. I had spent my entire life fighting it. She told me to, “surrender and embrace this as my gift, my fight against it is only exasperating it.”

This of course was mind blowing information to me. I went home bewildered and looked at my body for the first time through the eyes of love instead of the usual eye of criticism. Instead of seeing an inflamed, diseased person that needed to be fixed, I saw a warrioress you had survived all my years of “wishing I were different or just like everyone else.”

The Chocolate Body Scrub became the tangible tool where I could right then and there get in the bath and gently, lovingly massage my body with it as an act of self love. I asked for forgiveness from my beautiful body and as my perspective shifted, I felt a profound shift within me.

I haven't taken the medicine since. This experience showed me just how much I was in need of a regular practice of loving and caring for myself. The more I practice the better I get, and boy do I practice! Lol

I lovingly scrub my body down with our Chocolate Scrub a few times a week to connect with and give gratitude to her for simply existing, for allowing me to experience this life with joy, ease and flexibility. I have found, that the more love you put into anything, the better it performs and that goes for EVERYTHING.

As I have embraced “my arthritis” as my gift it has taught me so much. Most importantly that it is what makes me unique, it is not to be feared, and is simply my own check engine light that goes off when I have gone too far into stress, ect.

Now, I see it as a gentle reminder to relax, slow down and care for my body and give her some much needed and well deserved love. Creating this harmonious relationship of deep listening, acceptance and acts of gratitude for her has brought us into the most beautiful alignment, together.