Andrea Berset

 Andrea Berset


Andrea's Love Letters


"I co-lead a retreat to provide an opportunity for people to work on their own self care, personal growth, and dreams. Our team invited Andrea to be a part of the retreat and she lead an ocean side, magical and life transformational Chocolate Body Scrub Circle. She customized the scrub for the attendees to release unwanted beliefs and things that no longer served them. Washing the chocolate scrub off in the beautiful blue ocean was truly liberating! I would highly recommend this experience for any retreat leader."

- Tiare, Oahu

"Having Andrea lead a scrub session on my yoga retreat was an excellent way to begin our time together.  The circle was a beautiful and meaningful way to connect all of the participants on a deeper level. The Chocolate Scrub itself is divine and encouraged each of us to slough off the layers of travel, stress, and time while nourishing ourselves within. Each participant felt seen, cared for, and supported."

-Christy Linson, Maui

"Thank you so very much for your beautiful chocolate body scrub session! It honestly meant the world to me to have experienced this and to have met you, Andrea. I am so over-joyed with the body loving ritual I experienced. I am seeing my body in a totally new light now, I felt so alive, rejuvenated & connected to you and nature for the first time in my life. It was so magical for me, and honestly so beautiful. I really do hope all of your prayers as well as mine are answered."

- Batool, Texas