We Lead Experiential Self Love Scrubs

  • that encourage vulnerability, intimacy + connection

  • that reinforce body acceptance and loving touch

  • is fun and playful, evoking your inner child

  • is a powerful bonding/team building experience

A truly unique opportunity for all companies who recognize the value of a wellness lifestyle. Whether personally, individually and/or for your guests/team. Your hotel, spa, wellness center or brand can collaborate with us to experience firsthand our chocolate body scrub treatment and self-love practice. Encouraging a continued practice of these teachings, thus inspiring happier, healthier people + environments.


“We took handfuls of this delicious chocolate body scrub, exfoliated our entire bodies, and deeply breathed in the scent of coffee, chocolate, sandalwood, and sugar. The oils sank into our drenched skin and glistened under the sun. Our lips were covered with sugar and legs colored like chocolate while we scrubbed and massaged one another's backs. We swam in the warm ocean to rinse everything off, and felt the salt water replenishing our thirst to be one with Maui. As I came up for air, I could instantly feel how luxuriously soft my skin was!” Ashley, Maui


We love to share our scrub, meet new people and connect with different communities, world wide! We believe in and honor the beauty of reciprocation and invite you to exchange our product/service for paid travel/accommodation…


Zenziva Lovers

"I co-lead a retreat to provide an opportunity for people to work on their own self care, personal growth, and dreams. Our team invited Andrea to be a part of the retreat and she lead an ocean side, magical and life transformational Chocolate Body Scrub Circle. She customized the scrub for the attendees to release unwanted beliefs and things that no longer served them. Washing the chocolate scrub off in the beautiful blue ocean was truly liberating! I would highly recommend this experience for any retreat leader."- Tiare, Oahu

"Having Andrea lead a scrub session on my yoga retreat was an excellent way to begin our time together.  The circle was a beautiful and meaningful way to connect all of the participants on a deeper level. The Chocolate Scrub itself is divine and encouraged each of us to slough off the layers of travel, stress, and time while nourishing ourselves within. Each participant felt seen, cared for, and supported."-Christy, Maui

“There is something so special about ceremony in our lives. Just before I left home, a group of friends ( new & old ) gathered at the beach near my home for a LOVE YOURSELF body scrub session, facilitated by Andrea Berset. We sat in a circle, we allowed each other space to share, and to honor each other's intentions. WE scrubbed off the old skin with the most luxurious of scrubs, and refreshed ourselves with loving thoughts for the future. I love the power of gathering with women, expressing our desires, our dreams and our challenges.It hasn't always been something I have been comfortable doing, and only when I became a mom did I realize the importance of sisterhood. I am so grateful for all of the wonderful women in my life who uplift and support each other. I feel this feminine power is a gift to the world at this time in evolution, and when we as women nurture each other, the earth mother feels the grace and love and the healing begins” - Noelani, Haleiwa

“The chocolate scrub we did at Lanikai was one for the books! We were able to connect with one another in new ways as well as find inner peace & acceptance. I love that we were able to say a prayer for ourselves, someone else, and our Aina. The chocolate scrub got us feeling so incredible on the outside, which only enhanced the goodness we felt on the inside. Loved this event and everything about it, Thank you Andrea!” - Lindsay, Kailua

“Andrea leads these incredible sacred circles at the beach, waterfalls or rivers in Hawaii. Women would gather in bathing suits and sarongs, and share prayers and intentions spoken over fresh flowers, and the chocolate body scrub would be scooped up and lovingly used to exfoliate arms and bellies, legs and toes. We would then bake in the sun like human chocolate chip cookies and jump in the ocean as all our flowers and dreams flowed back to us through the washing away of dull skin and things that no longer served us.

The power of intention and prayers whispered over water, the thoughts and love infused in plants from mother earth and the effect of taking a few moments to literally and figuratively wash away the cares of the world, had a profound impact on me. I realized sitting in sacred circle how few of us take the time to connect with ourselves, with what's really going on in our lives.

So I began to use the chocolate body scrub at home, in my shower. On days when I barely had time to get to work, I would look forward to those few minutes in the shower. I would let the hot water cascade down around me, that same feeling of immersing myself in the ocean.  I would lovingly smooth out my skin, the richness of the chocolate and coffee, Hawaiian kukui nut and sandalwood oil nourishing my skin with hydration. As I scrubbed away the dead skin cells, I would feel gratitude and love for this body, this body which helps me to live, to walk, to sing, to hold things, to move. I would send love to each part of my body, even the parts that weren't my "favorite" thing about be or had gotten soft from lack of use sitting at a desk all day. This was my body and it was serving me well. It was I who was not always there for it.

I would promise to use my body more, to run wild in nature, to feel more free in the only home I would truly live in forever. It was the one time during the day that I paused long enough to say thank you to my body, to the life I was living with all its good times and bad times, just thank you. I can walk and talk and sing and dance and no matter what's working or not working, we are each of us, miracles in any given moment. The millions of things that need to go right, just for you to be born, just for you to be here worrying about what to do next.

I would send feelings of love to each part of my being, and in those busy times, it felt like a miracle, just to be. It was then that I understood the power of taking time for yourself and that however short the time may be or however small your action may seem, how big that moment of self care actually is.”

- Kara, Oahu