Creating Experiential Luxury

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It is through the feeling of pleasure that we connect with the divine within us. Experiencing luxury is taking the time to drop in to that pleasure realm where everything feels blissful and easy. To enliven and stimulate all of your gorgeous senses— to smell, touch, taste, hear and even feel a cessation of all that is not total bliss within you, IS A LUXURY. The Chocolate Scrub creates a divine moment where all of your attention is purely and delightfully on just you.

When you set the intention to love on yourself and actually perform the act of this ancient art, magic happens. The chocolate aroma tantalizes the bliss factor in your brain. The playful feel of the granules tickling your palms as the scrub drips between your fingers. Your body feels physically stimulated and yet somehow curiously held by the gentleness of the scrub, as the sugar melts into your skin. You lovingly massage every inch of your beautiful body for a much longer time than would ever usually seem permissible, and even lick the scrub off your lips-- fully enjoying the sweet and salty notes on your tongue.

You realize how in this quietude with just yourself, how you can hear your TRUE self communicating to you from your heart. You relax even deeper, listening to the comforting and soothing love coming from within you, for you. Knowing and appreciating what a special moment this is, that you created.

Your skin is crazy nourished, revitalized and the water bead-lets are literally dripping down your glowing bod. You feel a new level of content sumptuousness, totally radiant, whole and full in every aspect possible from this act of gratitude you performed, for YOU.

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