Have you ever sat down with your body in a deeply loving way, focusing ALL of your attention on her? Like all things in life, whatever you LOVE blossoms and flourishes. You’d be surprised at how well your body responds from this kind of luxurious “treatment” from you.


I would send feelings of love to each part of my being, and in those busy times, it felt like a miracle, just to be. It was then that I understood the power of taking time for yourself and that however short the time may be or however small your action may seem, how big that moment of self care actually is. - Kara

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OMG! THE CHOCOLATE SCRUB is amazing! I used the chocolate scrub, and the next day, three people randomly said 'your skin looks amazing,’ ‘your skin is glowing,’ and 'gosh, you have beautiful skin.’ Now, for someone who battled eczema as a child, and wanted nothing more that gorgeous skin, you can understand that three compliments in one day was overwhelming. So, I told them all about you, and the chocolate scrub. - Kaye

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As I scrubbed away the dead skin cells, I would feel gratitude and love for this body, this body which helps me to live, to walk, to sing, to hold things, to move. I would send love to each part of my body, even the parts that weren't my "favorite" thing about me- Kara


The aroma is tantalizing, it is packed with silky smooth oils to give you incredibly exfoliated and nourished skin. If you want soft and beautiful skin, look no further! We have never tried a better body scrub.

Founder, Andrea Berset created Zenziva Living with the intention of perpetuating the practice of self-love.

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We used probably the most unimaginable chocolate body scrub made by Zenziva, metaphorically scrubbing away the old, rinsing and making room for the new. It was a gorgeous second to pause and reflect.