Hoku Bayly

 capture by kailea sonrisa

capture by kailea sonrisa

Her Story...

From a very young age, Hoku has been well aware of life’s magic. She became a mother of two beautiful boys at 23 and experienced levels of postpartum depression. Initially unsure of how best to take care of herself AND her children, Hoku began to question the “traditional” ways of living in the world. She was guided to new ways of learning to love her body and soul by attending her first beach spa day with The Chocolate Scrub. As everyone went around sharing from their hearts, she realized she had not yet ever prayed for HERSELF, and was lost for words. Being given permission to fill her own cup up first and prioritize her feelings was a truly pivotal point and ultimately incredibly life changing. Since then Hoku has delved deep into the love in her own heart, and continues to acknowledge and articulate her most intimate feelings in the most relatable ways.

Now, thriving through a dedicated practice of self care with The Chocolate Scrub, she continues to unveil new wisdom-- that everyone can experience an unwavering faith in the mystery of life. Hoku is now deeply in love with herself, being a mother, and all of life. She graciously maintains that slender strength called faith, which she considers to be one of her greatest accomplishments. Awake and privy to her own truth, her life’s work is to remain vigilant in illuminating all unconscious patterns for herself and all that receive her guidance.

Hoku's Love Letters

"After my first ZENZIVA Scrub, I have experienced more peace and freedom in my own skin.  Hoku's graceful guidance led us through a beautifully cleansing self care practice that I still use to this day.  Her genuine love for the product and her ability to incorporate into a sacred space is inspiring and also very necessary in the busy lifestyles we lead.  I am overjoyed when I know i can plan a scrub with Hoku, (I've done 3 so far) because I know it's an experience that I will always enjoy and one that I love to share with others.  Thank you ZENZIVA for changing the way I experience luxurious self care!" -Dion


"What started off as being a womens beach scrub, ended up turning out to be a co-ed beach scrub with Hoku and it was amazing!  She was great, friendly, personable and we enjoyed every minute of the scrub.  Since then, ZENZIVA has actually become one of my favorite body scrubs!  Our bodies felt so soft and we were so amazed we bought some right away! Thank you Hoku for introducing us to ZENZIVA and for being such a sweetheart!  We look forward to the next scrub!" -Courtney


connect: hoku@zenzivaliving.com 808-268-4450