the benefits of our elements…

Zenziva Living- how to love your body


Is a natural source of glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy acid, (the main ingredient in most expensive top of the line facials in spas.) This powerful element helps breaks down the protein or glue that keeps dead skin cells stuck together, prohibiting new cell growth. Sugar gently boosts new skin cell production.


Hawaiian sandalwood essential oil is a precious gift sourced from the Kona forest on the big island...only recently has the trees been reintroduced to safe and sustainable farming practices... the oil is highly revered throughout ancient times as a powerful medicinal, skin healer, and body balancer...the delicious aroma stimulates and sedates your mood and is a natural antidepressant, aphrodisiac, and ultimate skin healer! Containing a rare element called a diketone that literally regenerates skin cell tissue! A-MAZING oil!


Super nutrient packed with powerful antioxidants that reduce free radical damage in your internal systems. High flavonoid content shields your skin from harmful rays and allows you to absorb vitamin d, and UV light. Organic cacao reduces stress hormones throughout the body, stimulates the bliss factor in your brain and increases blood flow to the skin for improved hydration and elasticity.


Caffeine is loaded with flavonoids and antioxidants that increase blood flow, and reduce free radical production in your body. Also allowing the absorption of UV light and vitamin D while blocking out the harmful rays! A natural skin toner, detoxifier and cleanser, it also stimulates microcirculation, which helps to prevent and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Coffee literally draws water out of fat cells, leaving skin smoother while constricting blood vessels that tighten the skin!


A medicinal element highly valued for its very gentle yet abrasive properties for exfoliating the skin.


Besides being an excellent source of high protein and fiber, Lentils increases the vitality (life force) of your cells. Lentils are a very gentle and natural exfoliating agent that absorbs dirt and oils without altering the skin’s natural PH.


Is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and anti-infectious, orange helps strengthen the epidermis layers, increase circulation and improve cell hydration and regeneration. Orange peel is known for its energetic and harmonizing effects to the skin.


Organic coconut oil is highly anti-inflammatory and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This oil powerfully moisturizes the skin, smoothing out break outs while providing lightweight moisture that does not clog pores.