EXPAND into the Unknown

an article by Andrea Berset

My intention for launching the ZENZIVA online magazine is for it to become a spiritual salon, a timeless + iconic place for all things creative, inspiring, enlightening, spiritual, and amusing. A place where you to feel free to acknowledge and liberate your inner child! The magazine is where you’ll find the tools and inspiration that will help you make love with your life. A safe space, just like our scrub circles where you feel free to express yourself, learn more, move through your blocks, and expand into the unknown.

The magazine is an inspiring venue where we can go beyond what ZENZIVA has been offering thus far, such as our traditional skin care and ceremony/ ritual. A shared community where we can connect, collaborate, and discover a multitude of inspiring people, places, companies, and experiences that our journeys have been guiding us towards.

Of course like everyone, it’s challenging for me personally, to be putting my writing out there for everyone to read. It has always been a very intimate way for me to express myself. Something I kept all to myself, a place where I have felt safe and free of any fear of judgement.

Realizing that whatever we are most scared of is what we are meant to move towards, I had to tell myself the truth about what was next for ZENZIVA. Alas, here we are, with the launch of this online space. Thank you for bearing witness as I turn this next obstacle into an opportunity for growth and expansion both personally and for ZENZIVA!

So incredible to watch this company grow, from our initial launch with just the Gold Dust and the U’i Oil to witnessing the skin food collection + our team growing ever so rapidly, I am feeling the deepest reverence for answering the call, taking the risk, and for allowing for the bread crumb trail of excitement to continue to lead the way on step at a time.

Our mission is to inspire all of humanity to awaken to their inner power and fall deeply in love with their true selves.

I am so grateful to have been blessed with the self care tools + the mentorship, I needed to truly shift into loving myself. It’s such a practice and like anything in life, we must practice, practice, practice. In Yoga they say if you want to learn something, teach it. At ZENZIVA we are dedicated to doing our own work, emotionally, spiritually and embracing all aspects of ourselves, so that we can then educate the world with our knowledge.

Watching myself and our team, one-by-one awaken to their inner power and fall deeply in love with their true selves has been an honor. We express our deepest gratitude to all of our thousands of supporters and our ZENZIVA lovers, we LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

When we as a community are empowered AND deeply loving, there is nothing we cannot accomplish together!


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