ENHANCE your True Beauty

A Love Note by:

Luna Maria Rangal

“It’s a spa in a bottle!”

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As a celebrity makeup artist and photographer for over 25 years, I know how important it is for your skin to look and feel amazing.

I have been given so many products to use in my studio, and I have never experienced a product like ZENZIVA’S U’I Oil, I am calling it a “spa in a bottle!”

I don't walk out of the house without it, and I love ending my day with it. When you put it on, it literally rejuvenates your skin in seconds!!

Mid afternoon, when I feel tired, and need a little skin pick me up, I put a bit on and it makes me look like I just got out of the spa! My skin gets an instant glow, feeling smooth and silky and smells so fresh, looking like I just had a mini face-lift!

I am officially a ZENZIVA LOVER, Thank you Andrea, your product is amazing! I can't live without it.

Luna Maria Rangel

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