Self Savoring Skin Care

an editorial by:

Hoku Bayly

Intentional + Vibrationally Attuned

 image captured by Chelsea Jean @chelsea.jean

image captured by Chelsea Jean @chelsea.jean

Self savoring... doesn’t that sound yummy?!  A term where an “other” is ultimately not required; When you self savor, it must be done by YOU.

To savor is to taste and enjoy something, completely.  Wow, how often do you self savor?  These words have such a positive + sensorial charge; the act of SELF savoring becomes especially delicious!

As Andrea and I have dedicated ourselves for years to self-care and self-love, we recently decided to move beyond these principles into something deeper, and we are now indulging in the act of self savoring.

Our sisterhood has been an ideal platform to encourage and assure one another that to care for oneself is indeed the opposite of being selfish, although even that word has taken on a new meaning that I quite enjoy.  

As I mentioned above, self savoring can only be done through your own willingness to celebrate how fabulous you are!  While it helps greatly to practice with someone you trust and admire, the real act is accomplished within your own heart.

How perfect it is that our artisanal skin food creations are in complete alignment and act as a gateway into each new realization we experience. The entire collection are the perfect tools and catalysts to tap into, enhance, and engage in self recognition + body acknowledgement.

The Chocolate Body Scrub remains my favorite amenity in my shower, I honestly only use soap where and when absolutely necessary!  The scrub is so fantastic at melting away the skin ready to be shed, revealing brand new supple layers.  As I practice deeply loving with non attachment towards my very own body, I LOVE to use the scrub to massage my entire body, deeply loving every inch of her, seeing how truly amazing and beautiful she is, recognizing her for all she has done for me and reminding myself that every change I notice is perfect and does not define me.

ALL of the senses are fully alive and engaged. The feel of the sugary scrub pressed against my skin (exfoliating my lips, tasting the sweet + salty blend), the delicious scent of coffee and chocolate, observing my environment + my own body, hearing both external and internal sounds as the mind gets a chance to quiet. Intuition, our sixth sense, is highly magnified in these moments of sensorial pleasure.


Our Chocolate Scrub, Gold Dust, U’i Oil, and our soon to be released, Hulali Body oil has moved beyond a mere combination of high vibrational ingredients, to vibrationally attuned skin edibles. Meaning that as Andrea and I concoct these hand blended master batches, we tune into our senses, and infuse the formulas with deep love + integrity.  


NEXT LEVEL skin edibles.

The Hulali body oil is a tantalizing oil meant to use on ALL parts of the body. Featuring the divine scent combination of chocolate + tuberose.

Uniquely mesmerizing ~ Impossible to resist