A farewell to The Gold Dust + U’I Oil


It’s official! It is time to focus solely on my most passionate project, The Chocolate Body Scrub and wave the most grateful A Hui Ho to my loves, The Gold Dust and U’i Oil


A love letter, a tribute to the two simple, yet powerful creations that came through me at the most crucial time to help heal my troubled skin…

written by:

Andrea Berset

ZENZIVA Living Magazine. farewell

I am so incredibly grateful for the miraculous recovery my skin has experienced from the these two magical products. True gifts from the heavens that arrived at a time of total loss and desperation for the condition my skin was in. Moving to Hawaii with its humidity along with the stress of living in the unknown caused my skin to break out in the worst way. After what seemed like forever of trying other products I finally started to experiment with my own alchemy…

These two formulas were born out of a need, designed for purity and for deep healing from within. The Gold Dust taught me the art of gentle exfoliation with literal skin food made of lentils, crushed flowers + Ayurvedic herbs. As well as how to be incredibly tender and loving to my skin in a new way. The ultra healing U’i Oil opened my eyes to a new level of effective hydration, plumpness and luminosity I had not yet ever experienced before.

My skin responded in the most stunning way when these two potions were implemented. Brighter, clearer, and shining from the inside out from the level of purity. Learning to exfoliate and hydrate in this way created a dynamic shift in the way I treated not only my skin but also myself.

The culmination of this time in my life where I began a regular practice of self care and self love is most endearing to me. The deep changes of self acceptance that have occurred within me are now reflected outwardly in my life in the most incredible way.

Therefor, I now know and trust that it is time to allow for a new shift to occur within ZENZIVA. There is an undeniable feeling that is guiding me to passionately continue sharing what is the new magic of ZENZIVA.

Observing + honoring how much time and energy The Chocolate Body Scrub and its body loving mission is requiring of us, my soul is directing me to focus solely on this aspect of the company right now. Traveling and sharing The Chocolate Body Scrub with the world is what's next, and we are so stoked!

I bid these two beautiful creations the most amazing adieu from the bottom of my heart. They will be revived again at some point in ZENZIVA’s timeline and we will be ecstatic to share that news with you in the coming future. Mahalo for your amazing support on this journey and compassionate understanding as we must make room for the NEW!

Offering all of you the opportunity to stock up on what is left of the very limited quantity at half off the original price. Upon placing the dust and oil in your cart you will see the 50% discount applied at checkout.