gift pack - 10 chocolate body scrubs

self love chocolate scrub
self love chocolate scrub

gift pack - 10 chocolate body scrubs



AND a complimentary scrub is included

in EVERY order as our gift to you!


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The scrub takes luxury to a whole new level and has been a favorite of mine for years, I love it so much that I include it in welcome gifts for my private clients.

It smells and feels amazing on the skin and is incredible for gently exfoliating and polishing the skin. - Stephanie

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intriguingly hydrating


2 in 1

exfoliating sugar scrub + deep moisture mask

Every single pouch is packed with extremely nourishing and exfoliating ingredients, including black Hawaiian lava salt, chocolate, sugar and Hawaiian sandalwood oil. The scrub smells heavenly ( you might want to eat it! ) and it somehow feels even better. - Ashley

Love Your Body Treatment

  • Create a space for deeply loving yourself in your home or in nature.

  • Immerse your body in water, and set the intention for a healing.

  • Identify and declare what your ready to let go of, to scrub away.

  • Open the package and deeply inhale.

  • Activate the treatment by first rubbing the scrub together in your hands.

  • Add more water to the polish as you go to extend the exfoliation.

  • Lovingly massage every inch of your precious skin from tip to toe.

  • Luxuriate your body for as long as possible, then relax & let the scrub soak in.

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The scrub package is recyclable, please recycle and take care of our earth


Raves + Results

I used your scrub in the shower and my skin has never felt softer. It still feels soft, day later! My eczema has been acting up recently so it feels nice to know that I can have soft skin even though I have been flaring up. I have an appointment on Monday with my dermatologist and would like to show them your product to get their opinion on it. - Angelica

At the end of a romantic weekend in the mountains, my boyfriend surprised me with an hour long full-body exfoliation using Zenziva’s chocolate scrub. The scrub engaged our taste, smell, and touch senses and was an intimate experience for both him and I. We were highly impressed with the taste of the scrub and its ability to leave our skin soft and supple. For days to come, we both noticed how radiant our skin felt and looked! - Noelle

Thank you so much for your the sweet note and the quick turn around on the order and delivery! I thought it would take longer and was a little worried about what I would do without your amazing products! :) Thank you for the extra scrub, I wish I could say I ordered all the scrubs for myself but I am sharing the love and magic! The friends and family who I introduced to the scrub have all come back raving about about how amazing it is! Even my husband, who is always a critic, loves the stuff! - Anne

I began to use the chocolate body scrub at home, in my shower. On days when I barely had time to get to work, I would look forward to those few minutes in the shower. I would let the hot water cascade down around me, that same feeling of immersing myself in the ocean.  I would lovingly smooth out my skin, the richness of the chocolate, coffee, and Hawaiian sandalwood oil nourishing my skin with hydration- Kara

We were both blown away at how soft our skin was afterwards and the silky rich oils it left on our skin for super moisturizing effects. What a cool idea to do the scrub on the beach, too, and dip into the ocean to wash it all away -- literally and figuratively. - Joy

OMG! THE CHOCOLATE SCRUB is amazing! I used the chocolate scrub, and the next day three people randomly said 'your skin looks amazing', 'your skin is glowing', and 'gosh, you have beautiful skin'.  Now, for someone who battled eczema as a child, and wanted nothing more that gorgeous skin,  you can understand that three compliments in one day was overwhelming. So, I told them all about you, and the chocolate scrub. - Kaye

“It was literally the BEST thing I have ever put on my body.” - Kara Elise

We took handfuls of this delicious chocolate body scrub, exfoliated our entire bodies, and deeply breathed in the scent of coffee, chocolate, sandalwood, and sugar. The oils sank into our drenched skin and glistened under the sun. Our lips were covered with sugar and legs colored like chocolate while we scrubbed and massaged one another's backs. As I came up for air, I could instantly feel how luxuriously soft my skin was! - Ash

The chocolate scrub smells like mocha heaven! I absolutely love the rich, decadent smell, I have to stop myself from licking it! I love how it has just enough grit to exfoliate without being harsh or irritating. I have sensitive skin and this is the PERFECT SCRUB! The blend of exotic oils leave your skin so silky smooth, and It's such a relaxing experience.- Caitlin

I tried the chocolate body scrub for the first time and I loved it! I really like the aroma of chocolate, sugar, and coffee and I think it's a very unique body scrub. Also love how it only contains natural ingredients! It's basically food for your skin and I use it sparingly because I don't want to waste any haha! My favorite part about the body scrub is the beauty ritual that goes with it. It's amazing to just take a moment to inhale the aroma, rub it on your skin, and wait for it to do its magic. Thank you so much for sending me one, I really appreciate it :) and I will be buying many more! As you can see, I'm already a huge fan of your products. - Grace

Zenziva's Chocolate Scrub is guaranteed to make your skin feel incredibly soft. Not only is it a 100% natural body scrub, but every single small batch is created by hand with ground coffee, sugar, coconut oil and Hawaiian sandalwood oil. The aroma is tantalizing, and it is packed with silky smooth oils to give you incredibly exfoliated and nourished skin. If you want soft and beautiful skin, look no further! We have never tried a better body scrub. - Pacific Wedding

“We used probably the most unimaginable chocolate body scrub made by Zenziva, metaphorically scrubbing away the old, rinsing and making room for the new. It was a gorgeous second to pause and reflect.” - Darling Media


*Sucrose (Sugar), Sodium Chloride (Salt), *Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil), *Theobroma Cacao (Chocolate), *Coffea Robusta Seed powder (Coffee), Persea Gratissima (Avocado Oil), Sodium Chloride (Black Hawaiian Lava Salt), *Citrus Sinenis (Orange Peel), *Lens Culinaris (Lentils), Aleurites Moluccana (Kukui Nut Oil), *Rosa Rubiginosa (Rose Hip Seed Oil), Aqua (Water), Vitamin E Oil, *Santalum Album (Hawaiian Sandalwood oil)

*Organic Ingredient

Use caution-slippery shower/bath
Store in a cool dry place, & use within 8-10 months from purchase