A complimentary chocolate scrub when you purchase the set


A complimentary chocolate scrub when you purchase the set

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OMG! THE CHOCOLATE SCRUB is amazing!   I used the chocolate scrub, followed by the face scrub and serum, and the next day three people randomly said 'your skin looks amazing', 'are you using a different foundation, your skin is glowing', and 'gosh, you have beautiful skin'.  Now, for someone who battled exzema as a child, and wanted nothing more that gorgeous skin,  you can understand that three compliments in one day was overwhelming.   So, I told them all about you, and the chocolate scrub. - Kaye Tuckerman

I absolutely LOVE Zenziva!! It is by far the best face wash/serum I have ever used!!! My skin loves it too! I let myself run out for two weeks (huge mistake!) my skin flipped out & broke out , but I am so thankful it is already back on track now that Im using my zenziva again!  Thank you for creating such a fabulous product <3  It truly does feel like an indulgent moment each time I use your products. You can feel the love. - Brittany Silva

Wanted to share this with friends. Love these products. All organic from the island of Maui. I was using Meaningful Beauty, but when I ran out, I started using Zenziva. I have actually gotten compliments on my complexion since I started using the products. The moisturizing serum is awesome! - Dana Wagnon

I am absolutely LOVING Zenziva! The cleanser smells incredible and it makes my skin so smooth and clean. I have been applying the serum to damp skin on my face and neck and I am amazed at how quickly it sinks into my skin! My skin just drinks it up! It isn't oily and it doesn't leave a film, just plumps up your skin and leaves you feeling fresh and moisturized! It's like liquid gold. ✨ The best part is the ingredient list and knowing I am only putting pure nature on my skin and into my body. LOVE! Thank you for such magical products! I am going to try the chocolate scrub for the first time tonight and I am so excited! ❤️❤️❤️ thank you for bringing us healthy products to the market that are simple, yet do everything you want and expect! Hope you are having a wonderful Monday full of smiles and happiness! - Caitlin Milburn

These are the most Amazing products ever! I have never been the person to wash my face every night, only some nights,  but I have been using the cleanser and serum twice a day and my skin is radiating! i have not put any makeup on my face since Jan1st...I had a dry patch on my neck , it was a rash and now it is completely gone thanks to the moisturizing oil! Its like magic! I have eczema and sensitive skin and I am so impressed and happy with how my skin is responding to zenziva! I am so HAPPY about this purchase! -Batool, Texas