Bridal Party Scrub (per person)

ZENZIVA Chocolate Scrub Event
ZENZIVA Chocolate Scrub Event

Bridal Party Scrub (per person)

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The Accoutrements:

  • Hand-made Haku Lei for the Bride

  • Full Body Chocolate Scrub Treatment

  • Complimentary take home Chocolate Body Scrub for each guest ($22 retail value)

Zenziva Lovers

“There is something so special about ceremony in our lives. Just before I left home, a group of friends ( new & old ) gathered at the beach near my home for a LOVE YOURSELF body scrub session, facilitated by Andrea Berset. We sat in a circle, we allowed each other space to share, and to honor each other's intentions. WE scrubbed off the old skin with the most luxurious of scrubs, and refreshed ourselves with loving thoughts for the future. I love the power of gathering with women, expressing our desires, our dreams and our challenges.It hasn't always been something I have been comfortable doing, and only when I became a mom did I realize the importance of sisterhood. I am so grateful for all of the wonderful women in my life who uplift and support each other. I feel this feminine power is a gift to the world at this time in evolution, and when we as women nurture each other, the earth mother feels the grace and love and the healing begins” - Noelani, Haleiwa

“I was invited to a ZENZIVA scrub at the beach. I was excited about spending time with my friends, giving ourselves some much needed time to unwind and relax. The body scrub part? I wasn’t so excited about it. I hated body scrubs. Like literally did not like them. If I ever went to a spa, I would never do a body scrub. To me, they were messy and you had to clean up afterwards - I did not enjoy them at all. But something happened, we shared in this amazing experience at the beach, full of the love of taking time to exfoliate and take care of our skin, the bodies we put through so much each day. I massaged my thighs and my legs, remembering how unkind I had sometimes been to them, always pushing my body to be thinner or paying attention to the parts I loved while ignoring the parts I didn’t. Yet during the scrub, I cared for and nourished every single part of my body and it felt amazing. I lovingly nourished my hands that served me so well as a writer. I noticed how the kukui nut oil, Hawaiian sandalwood and coffee, how all of these ingredients felt on my skin, the softness that remained long after our incredible day at the beach.” - Kara, Oahu

Terms for the Zenziva Scrub

DISCLAIMER: We reserve the right to re-schedule the scrub from 24 hours, till up to an hour before based on unfavorable weather conditions.

LOCATION: Is picked based on favorable weather conditions and convenience for the bridal party.

REFUND POLICY: 100% refund if scrub cannot be rescheduled and was not performed. Ideally the scrub WILL be performed on the day we planned, and/or rescheduled if we have to postpone due to the weather. It is not often, it does however happen and we have to accommodate mother nature and her plans for everyone's safety.

PAYMENT: is due at the time of booking.

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