Redefining LUXURIOUS

This image was discovered during one of our team inspiration gatherings. Aloha Dreamboard, a unique company based out of Oahu, and founded by Tiare Thomas, facilitated an enlightening team dream board session for us on Maui.

Our founder, Andrea Berset serendipitously came across this image in a Hawaiian luxury magazine. The colors are so vibrant, the energy so alive, we could all the feel the aloha, and the mana (power) of the community celebrating together. Entranced by what this represented, the feel for this kind of natural abundance and flourishing is what we would describe as the most ultimate luxury in our current day and age of living on this planet.

A series of this artwork was created Eugene Savage, an artist who was commissioned to paint this work and was later used as the menu covers on Matson Line’s SS LURLINE during the 1950s.

These images have become iconic for representing what Hawaii was once like. The tales from the past are so magical and instill a feeling of deep nostalgia for these ancient times, where the legends share that everyone swam naked, and were able to surf and fish all day, living off the abundance of the land.

The islands still very alive with this energetic feeling of aloha. The communities are so loving, welcoming, and giving of their wise knowledge. We feel very fortunate to live and thrive on Maui, with the unfathomable support the community has provided for us at ZENZIVA.

When we came across this image, we instantly knew that this is what luxurious abundance looks like. Not only having plenty, but having the generosity to share your bounty with everyone while dancing, playing, singing and enjoying, to the FULLEST! The luxury to trust in life that as you share your gifts, your love, you light that there will only be MORE provided for you.

So when we use the word “luxuriously” in one of our tag lines, Live Luxuriously we have a different interpretation:

To Live Luxuriously in our modern times, is carving out the time and space to gather and share our wisdom + experiences with one another. To honor ourselves, our bodies, our journeys, our dreams, our loved ones.

Luxury is that sacred silent time where you get to unplug, drop in, and connect to the greatness that you already are, and then share it with others.

Luxury is fully accepting yourself in times where we have been conditioned to compare ourselves to the incomparable.

Luxury is indulging in feeling and expressing your emotions, so you can feel them, heal them and Let them go.

Luxury is loving your life because it is YOURS and you can do with it as you please!

Luxury is your time, your clear vision and your focused attention on creating your best and most beautiful life.

Indulge in LIVING LUXURIOUSLY, you deserve it!

As luck would have it (wink wink), Andrea + Hoku stumbled upon one of these images framed on Maui and snapped a legendary photo.

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