WINE: Art from the Earth

an interview with:

Lindsey Camilla Berset

Pleasure Scientist + Mauiwine

Maria Rangel/ 323.243.5500/ Shooting LA . New York . Maui

Maria Rangel/ 323.243.5500/ Shooting LA . New York . Maui

There seems to be a message that is carried from the earth through the vines and into the grapes as they develop, which is then magically alchemized into a mesmerizing elixir. Here we want to further explore why our senses resonate with this direct connection to the earth.

At ZENZIVA we are fully committed to creating AND celebrating the most magical moments of our lives. There is so much to celebrate when you look for reasons! One of our favorite ways to treat ourselves, is to pop open a beautiful bottle of bubbly and fully savor the liquid work of art.  

Mauiwine’s Lokelani sparkling rosé is our GO TO bottle. Not only is this bottle incredibly delicious and gorgeously packaged, but the name Lokelani, Hawaiian for heavenly rose, holds a deep resonance for us.  It has been deemed the island of Maui’s official flower and is an exclusive ingredient in the Ono Keia heavenly essence mist, soon to be released as part of the ZENZIVA collection.

Let's delve deeper into WINE, Art from the earth, with pleasure scientist Lindsey Camilla, Mauiwines tasting room manager.

Q: Mauiwine has created such an incredible opportunity to feel + taste the essence of the island through the wine. The estate wines have especially become game changers. Which wine is currently your most coveted, and why?

A: Our exclusive estate collection grows on the southern slopes of Haleakala. We grow 6 varietals, and Syrah is hands down my favorite grape from our vineyard. Softer on the palate than your Northern Rhone Syrahs with integrated tannins, baking spices and a lingering peppery finish. Our Syrah vines are 15 years old and thrive in Maui’s unique terroir and growing season.


Q: You have taught us so much about the value of quality over quantity. Can you please elaborate on what this means to you?

A: When I think of quality over quantity, the traditional method champenoise, pops into my mind. Lokelani is our sparkling rosé that sits on the lees for 18 months, developing an indescribable finesse that takes place in the bottle through the secondary fermentation. It is this type of slow process that allows the wine to develop and create complexity with an overall higher quality level, making for a delicious taste to savor.

When celebrating, look for Crémants. Below are Lindsey’s recommendations for high quality/low cost sparkling wines that have been through the traditional method champenoise.

Under $20 and found in most stores:

  1. Grandin Brut Rosé Loire Valley, France

  2. Michel Olivier Crémant de Limoux, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

  3. Gruet Brut, New Mexico

Q: We are drawn to what we desire through our senses. Is there anything that we can do to optimize our senses to enjoy + connect with wine even more?

A: Wine can take you down memory lane. If you can begin to imagine the region, the weather, and the flavors of the barrel, you start to get lost in the story behind that particular wine. There are many flavors to identify, for example, deeply smelling the element of citrus, narrowing it down to lemon, or candied lemon peel, or verbena.  This is when the opportunity arises for next level enjoyment and connection.

Truly enjoying a glass of wine means appreciating the time, effort and love that goes into producing each bottle. It is easy to drink a glass of wine to relax and to loosen the tongue. However, it is in the recognition of what it takes to create this liquid art, that we are able to deeply savor, connect with and honor the process.

Q: We love that Mauiwine is now carrying our full collection, why do you think it is important to highlight artists who also alchemize elements from the earth?

A: We are in love with ZENZIVA’s artisanal products. Making and producing something so beautiful from Mother Maui’s ingredients is so rare. In our tasting room retail section, ZENZIVA is our top selling beauty brand. The staff loves the skin food and especially promotes the Chocolate Scrub, encouraging our guests to take it to the beach for a unique experience.


Q: Your charcuterie boards + al fresco picnics have been all the rage for some time now. What is so enticing to you about creating these edible + experiential works of art?

A: The gourmet world has very much inspired the pairing picnic’s and charcuterie boards that I love to create. Taking time nibbling and sipping in beautiful locations is such a luxurious delight! The word picnic means to share through conversation, celebration, and laughter, and is where we truly get to create memorable moments together. Wine is such a beautiful work of art on its own and when you pair cured meats, cheeses, homemade pickles, and pat`e, you can enhance the flavors even more. Andrea and I love to combine our creations and indulge in a beautiful bottle of wine + picnic while doing a ZENZIVA scrub together.


Mauiwine displays ZENZIVA’s full collection of skin edibles in their beautiful tasting room.