New Orleans

In the super styley Ace Hotel + our very first Sazerac

Dear New Orleans,

We have heard SO MUCH about you! The epic tales of legendary all night jazz music, the vibrantly colorful parades marching down the streets, the cajun inspired + delightful dishes prepared with so much soul, can we just say, WOW! Your culture and town showed up in a BIG WAY on our last adventure to your oh so inspiring city!

Hopping on the red eye to depart our paradise island of Maui, to then touch down in the very early morning light of such a magical city was indeed quite a glamorous experience. Arriving to the welcoming bell men at the super styley Ace Hotel near the French Quarter, laid the foundation for a truly EPIC experience.

Discovering that The Ace Hotel had just made “top 75 Hotels in the world” from Conde Nast Traveler while on the plane, we were over the moon for synchronicity to have guided our very comfortable stay at this very modern + panache accommodation.

The Ace provided us with our most basic needs being immediately covered. Fully equipped with an in house classic cocktail bar + an exemplary cafe. Josephine's featured quintessential delicacies like shrimp and grits and chicken biscuits. What truly put The Ace in a category of its own was the unique amenities, and the very alluring rooftop pool that most of the town was on the waitlist to get into.

The energy of the city was so enveloping that just surrendering to the flow and staying in flux to ALL that was calling our name was the best we could do. At the top of the list to accomplish via Lindsey’s recommendations was sitting at the carousel bar at the infamous Hotel Monteleon AND enjoying our very first sazerac at the historical Napoleon House.

The image above captured this extraordinary moment! A classic signature cocktail made by a bartender who had worked for this legendary establishment for 30+ years. We asked him about how many sazeracs he has made throughout his career, and with a huge smile, his mere reply was- “countless.” The interesting taste and flavors of this hand crafted elixir are literally unfathomable and MUST be experienced first hand.

And so THIS IS New Orleans, a place where the party town vibes are like Las Vegas, but with a deeply connected + authentic SOUL that is genuinely expressed through everything from the food to the locals to the unbelievably magnificent architecture. MAHALO, we will be back soon!

Andrea + Lindsey Berset