Thanks to ZENZIVA, I feel more confident in my skin

A Love Note by:

Tiare Thomas, model, stylist + founder of Aloha Dream Board

“I Passionately recommend trying ZENZIVA out.”

Kecia Littman, Photog + MUA |

Kecia Littman, Photog + MUA |

I clearly remember the first time I met Andrea Berset, founder of ZENZIVA. I was in Maui to lead a dreamboard workshop at a school. My friend who I was staying with drove me over to the most magical place, Lumeria, to introduce me to a friend. He was so excited for me to meet her because he felt she radiated beauty and felt we just needed to meet.

As she walked in to greet us, the light shined through her golden blonde hair, her skin glowed, and her eyes were this piercing blue color, just like the ocean. She had a bubbly energy as she welcomed us to this amazing retreat space up in the mountains in Maui. I was intrigued by her love for self care and her newly started business, ZENZIVA.

Later that day, my friend who introduced me to Andrea, insisted I try out Andrea's skin care products called ZENZIVA. I first lathered the Gold Dust all over my face and let it dry as a mask. I remember giggling at my bright orange face as I stared into the mirror. I was in hope that perhaps this would be the solution to helping my skin clear up. You see for years, I felt insecure about the consistent pimples and scaring on my face. I tried everything in the book, from regular soap to Clearasal, to Proactiv, to skin care prescribed from my dermatologist, to organic lines, and everything else I could get my hands on. I was so desperate to try anything, I decided to experiment with my shampoo...which I was later scolded by my esthetician for doing because she said it's like washing my face with laundry detergent. Just not good! Ultimately, NOTHING WORKED! It either dried up my skin, made it itch, or was way too oily.

So, once I rinsed off the mask, I lathered on the U'i oil and noticed an instant glow on my face. The white dried flakes on my skin were gone! I was pretty impressed. Later that evening, I went on an adventure with my friends on a waterfall hike. We then lathered our bodies with ZENZIVA's mouth watering Chocolate Body Scrub. It was really the first time I put loving intention into taking care of my skin. I felt a sense of calm and serenity. It was pretty dreamy! Especially the part when I dipped into the water fall and swam around. And as I stepped out, my skin felt buttery and silky smooth. I'm smiling just thinking about it. :)

After my luxurious ZENZIVA experience in Maui, I decided to invest in ZENZIVA's skin care line because I was curious to see what the long term effects were going to be. I would say, it took me a good solid month when I noticed my bright red scars were faded. There was no itching, my skin was moist and my pimples went away. And to stand the test, other people who know me very well, would comment on my skin looking healthier.

Also, a few years ago, I co-lead a retreat to provide an opportunity for people to work on their own self care, personal growth, and dreams. Our team invited Andrea to be a part of the retreat and she lead an ocean side, magical and life transformational Chocolate Body Scrub Ceremony. She customized the ceremony for the attendees to release unwanted beliefs and things that no longer served them. We finished the ceremony by washing the chocolate scrub off in the beautiful blue ocean. It was truly liberating! And I would highly recommend any retreat focusing on self love to hire Andrea to lead this ceremony.

It's been well over three years now since I've been using ZENZIVA as a part of my skin care ritual. And I am so grateful to be sharing that my skin feels better than ever and continues to glow. And thanks to ZENZIVA I feel more confident in my own skin.

I am grateful to continue working with Andrea. And I am truly in love with ZENZIVA because it lead me towards loving my skin and LIVING LUXURIOUSLY And if you are looking for a solution for sensitive skin and scaring, I passionately recommend trying ZENZIVA out...and give it at least a month to see results.