Love Your Body on a MUCH deeper level

Redefining LUXURIOUS

Truly NOURISH your body, mind + spirit


Make Love with LIFE, our mantra

EXPAND into the Unknown

Access TRUE LOVE within 


A Maui born and based company focused on inspiring and empowering the world to indulge in the ultimate luxury - the ancient art of self-care and self-love.

ZENZIVA gives you permission to fully relax, nourishing your body, mind and spirit in new and profound ways.

Our mission is to inspire all of humanity to awaken to their inner power and fall deeply in love with their true selves and lives. We provide the necessary tools to begin a regular practice of self-indulgence. Our self-care tools are designed to create a space in nature for you to connect with the earth and others in unique ways!

ZENZIVA represents the power within all of us to reclaim our natural beauty, restore balance and create bliss in our lives. Beginning a practice of self-care combined with the power of your self- love will IGNITE your inner radiance, and inspire YOU to live a life you love!