Bridal Party Beach Scrub

Designed to honor the beautiful bride on her most special day, each scrub is a notable + bespoke experience. Create an opportunity to celebrate in style.




There is something so special about ceremony in our lives. Just before I left home, a group of friends ( new & old ) gathered at the beach near my home for a LOVE YOURSELF body scrub session, facilitated by Andrea Berset. We sat in a circle, we allowed each other space to share, and to honor each other's intentions. WE scrubbed off the old skin with the most luxurious of scrubs, and refreshed ourselves with loving thoughts for the future. I love the power of gathering with women, expressing our desires, our dreams and our challenges.It hasn't always been something I have been comfortable doing, and only when I became a mom did I realize the importance of sisterhood. I am so grateful for all of the wonderful women in my life who uplift and support each other. I feel this feminine power is a gift to the world at this time in evolution, and when we as women nurture each other, the earth mother feels the grace and love and the healing begins - Noelani, Haleiwa


The chocolate scrub we did at Lanikai was one for the books! We were able to connect with one another in new ways as well as find inner peace & acceptance. I love that we were able to say a prayer for ourselves, someone else, and our Aina. The chocolate scrub got us feeling so incredible on the outside, which only enhanced the goodness we felt on the inside. Loved this event and everything about it, Thank you Andrea! - Lindsay, Kailua


The Chocolate Body Scrub session on the beach with new friends was life-changing! As we scrubbed away layers of skin with the most decadent & delicate of natural ingredients, we transformed our bodies and ourselves. I felt so fresh and renewed after practicing this luxurious ritual for my body. I am in love with ZENZIVA and this incredible product! - Lara, Oahu


Thank you so much for creating such a safe and blessed space for our team during our ZENZIVA Scrub. Because of this experience we were able to be completely and 100% open with each other in new ways, emotionally & spiritually! There has been a huge shift in all of us since the ceremony. Thank you so much for your guidance, wisdom and positivity. - Kris, Maui


Spent the most AMAZING afternoon/evening with beautiful women, speaking our minds & scrubbing our bodies with this incredible ZENZIVA chocolate body scrub. Swimming in the ocean at sunset, & cleansing our minds and bodies from negativity and stress was so needed! I am feeling so empowered & my skin is gloooooooowing from head to toe! Feeling so overwhelmed with gratitude & love. Thank you so much for creating the space for this perfect body loving ritual! - Risa, Maui

Community Nourishment Program


The GIFT is in the EXCHANGE.

We are offering our scrub sponsorship program to our local and global community as a way of sharing ZENZIVA'S body loving lifestyle. Our grand vision is to make a positive impact on as many people as possible, worldwide.

Click the link above and tell us about yourself, a group or organization that you feel would benefit from one of our scrub sessions.

Acting LOCALLY and expanding GLOBALLY.