Andrea Berset

Meet Andrea

Andrea Berset has been on the wellness path for almost two decades. Inspired to find a natural cure for her childhood rheumatoid arthritis, she moved to Maui in her twenties with hopes of finding alternative approaches to treatment.

After trying every healing modality she could find, she was finally given the gift of a perspective shift with just a simple question, what if your pain just wants love? This woke Andrea up to just how much she was at war with her body. She felt herself surrender and embrace her dis-ease for the first time in her life.

Learning to love her body

Upon the realization that she indeed did not love her body, she started to practice loving her body with a product she created for her company, Zenziva. The chocolate scrub became her first self love tool, where she would lovingly massage and give gratitude to every part of her body, for the first time in her life at age 30.

Immediately she started to see her body in a brand new light. Her inner perspective shifted from hate to love, and she recognized the power that we have within us to accept and embrace ourselves, as we are. The medication she had been dependant on for 25+ years became obsolete and she is now free from the limitations of having a dis-ease.

This regular practice of loving her body with the chocolate scrub became heavenly moments of divine sanctuary. For the first time, she found refuge within. This new self love practice also created space and time in her life to not only connect to her body but to honor her emotions. Thus cultivating newfound emotional intelligence and an inner calm that only comes with true self acceptance.

The chocolate scrub in the community

She began to share the scrub and the self love practice with her girlfriends. The experience became the most incredible way to nurture the Maui community! Everyone would gather together in circles on the beach and take their time scrubbing and giving love to their bodies. So many beautiful souls— all together in nature, basking in the sun, scrubbing each other's backs, sharing their wisdom and woes, getting all sandy and giggling like little children.

The chocolate scrub brought everyone together all the time. It was such a rejuvenating way to spend time together and refresh bodies, minds, and souls. Washing it all away in the clear blue ocean or freshwater rivers, everyone would emerge brand new, energetically lighter and skin absolutely radiant!

Becoming a leader and a facilitator

This is the time in Andrea’s life that she truly learned how to radically accept and love herself. This regular self love practice honed her leadership abilities and opened the doorway for her as a facilitator. She shared the chocolate scrub in all kinds of circles— wellness retreats, baby blessings, birthday celebrations, and bridal scrub parties, in what seemed like both new and ancient ways.

Andrea is now living back at home in the Texas hill country with her family, sharing what she has discovered about the power of a self love lifestyle. She is the CEO of Zenziva, the editor of Zenziva Living Magazine, and leads empowering self love scrub circles.

Have a question for her? Please reach out, she would be over the moon to hear from you!