Hi! I am Andrea Berset and I have created a product that is going to change the way you treat your body and revolutionize your relationship with yourself.

We are a for—purpose company dedicated to sharing what we have learned about the value of accepting your body, as is. Our product + practice was inspired by our founders own desire to learn to love her body.

Our Love Your Body Practice with The Chocolate Scrub creates space and time in your life to connect with your body in a unique way. By intentionally directing your own loving attention on each body part, you will begin to accept, embrace, and even appreciate your body, as she is. Dropping the idea that you or your body should be different, in any way.

Lovingly connecting with your body on the reg, cultivates a harmonious relationship with yourself, and has a positive impact in your life and for all of us, collectively. When you truly love your body, and who you are, you tap into this radiant feeling of dazzling wholeness. From this solid foundation, you are compassionate, supportive and further nurture others and your environment. You shine bright and inspire others to do the same! The experience of true self love creates an unshakeable inner trust in life and in yourself.


Our Founder—

Andrea Berset

Andrea Berset is an avid writer, facilitator, body advocate, and founder of Zenziva. Inspired by her journey to transform her health, she is passionately committed to sharing what she has discovered about the power of living a self love lifestyle.

A born epicurean, Andrea is the designer of our highly coveted chocolate body scrub + the editor of Zenziva Living, our online magazine. Since creating Zenziva and healing her body, she now feels limitless in her ability to expand and empower others to do the same. Leading inspiring Zenziva self love scrubs at retreats internationally.



Our Mission—

We have discovered that the experience of simple beauty has a rare and remarkable effect. Beauty happens when women gather in circle and open our hearts, share our innermost truths and support one another. The healing power of beauty contains an untapped potential for inspiring transformative hope in both individual women and communities alike. When a woman is well equipped with the proper tools to love and take care of herself, she is empowered to further nurture her family and community. The wellness of women as a whole has a direct social and economic impact on all of humanity.

A portion of all our proceeds funds our current local community work and our future self love scrub missions. Where we will share the chocolate scrub experience with women in impoverished places around the globe. Bringing experiential beauty and playful joy to the lives of women who otherwise may never have the luxury to use a chocolate body scrub. We aim to enhance the beauty of this world by sharing our gifts with our sisters born into subsistence both locally and globally. As the chocolate scrub and the experience of the group self love scrub reverently connects women to their bodies, each other and the earth in profound ways.